Your Deliciously Funny Comments

I have decided to post my favorite bits of comments because you guys are really funny! And yes, I DO read them! To those of you who commented regularly, it would be really helpful if you at least enter your name before posting because I can’t figure out the one to credit to.

Anonym on Jonathan Bennet: uhh… i want to kill him and put his body as a perfect statue in my room so i can put my finger into his ass anytime i want

XY-FAN on Matt Dallas: I just wanna take him down on that forest floor and BONK his brains out…

Psi on James Van Der Beek: His head is ginormous! Seriously, without his shirt on he looks like a bobble-head. He’s nice looking but there’s something odd about his face that I just can’t put my finger on. Cute, but not spank-worthy. …And where’s Pacey?!

Lauranna on Justin Timberlake: aahhh!! sooo HOTT!..I think my brain just belched! xD!

Luke on Luke Mably: Wow. I saw that movie with my girlfriend… – Definitely knew I was gay the next day.

Anonym on Bill Campbell: I loved him in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. He looked so handsome and masculine. After that, his roles were very bad chosen, and God! That HORRIBLE nose job! Did he had it in Hollywood or Kansas???? He looked cute in The OC though… well, compared to Peter Gallagher EVERYBODY DOES.

To those of you who doesn’t really think they’re worth giggling for, that simply means I am easily amused. Well, this is not actually funny but…

LovesIt on Shia LaBeouf: Yessss finally…thank you Squarehippies. It’s official, this really IS the BEST site for shirtless hotties.

*Runs away after shameless plug*

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