Poll: New Skin on the Block

Shia LaBeouf & Zac Efron

I have concluded that the future of Hollywood mainstream has come down to these two (very) different Disney hotties; Shia LaBeouf and Zac Efron. Are you a Shia person or a Zac person? I think I’ll go with Shia since I have a weakness for dark and dorky guys but you cannot deny the ultra prettiness of Zac.


  • Lucas


  • Dewey Mee

    Well, neither Shia nor Zak do much for me– but Nick Spano got me going earlier. Do you think we’ll get to see “American Idol’s” David Archuleta shirtless? Is he too young and pure for that? He just seems so genuine and sincere; I just want to see that shirtless chest that goes with his beautiful singing voice. David Archuleta has been running through my mind and… I can always hope, can’t I.

  • James

    Zac has a much hotter body.
    And his eyes just kill me!

  • Marco

    it was pretty hard, i think i would be with zac efron while thinking in shia

  • Mmmm

    Just hearing Zac’s name gives me an orgasm these days…

  • jasey80

    Are you people blind? Shia is miles hotter than Zac. If Shia does indeed sweat douchewater, I’d fill the sea with it, drink it down, and let Shia walk across on dry land.

  • can i see david archuleta shirtless please

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