Poll: Which Flash Gordon Is Hotter?

Old & New Flash Gordon

As the new Flash Gordon TV series premiered, I wonder if the new Flash (Eric Johnson) beats the hotness of the first Flash (Sam J. Jones), cause I remembered Sam was like my ultimate fantasy guy in that movie. Maybe it’s a battle between hairy and smooth, what do you think?

  • Torontoguy

    Hey – is that pic of Sam J. Jones from an old issue of US Magazine featuring celebs in swimsuits? I’m looking for the one where he’s doing this arm exercise on a chair. Can you share?

  • AaronJ

    I got to this link via the Gordon Ramsey page. As in, “If you like this, you might also like:” links.

    Talk about night and day.

    BOTH of these guys are sooo nice. Acting? Nothing earth-shaking, not nothing horrible either. Witney Ford (I think) was Eric’s Smallville character until his demise. Somewhere on CD backup I’ve got a Smallville cap showing Clark carrying Witney, who is passed out, away from a fire.

    I didn’t get a chance to see many of the new Flash Gordon’s on SciFi. Friends have said it was merely OK, but not horrible either.

  • phil

    Sam Jones by far…’sides I remember the Playgirl, spreads…Sam brings um um a LOT to the table…Ok so I’m old…LOL…

  • phil

    Um I’m sorry but Sam Jones was NOT the first Flash Gordon…I can’t think of the original guy but there was a theatrical serial Flash Gordon in the 1930’s…

  • Robert Frank

    Actually, while Sam is obviously the hotter of the two, and, I believe, is gay to boot, neither of these guys can touch Buster Crabbe, the original Flash Gordon.

  • Robert Frank

    Sorry. I just checked Wikipedia. Sam has been married twice and fathered five children. So much for being gay.

  • Francois

    No, this isn’t a battle between hairy and smooth. This is a battle between a man and a boy. Or perhaps a battle between what used to be the stuff of male movie stars, versus the contemporary trend of casting guys who look like teens in roles that were writen for men.

    Hollywood is sick, I think.

    We are far from the years when Arnold Swarzenegger was the most popular movie star, in terms of what makes a star, these days…

    I mean, ok, we need the Luke Perry and Ralph macchio types for certain roles, but to keep casting them as leads is not the right thing to do!

  • Beeth

    No doubt in my mind Sam J Jones is still the hottest. His blond hairy body stills gives me an erection to see him stripped by Ming to be explored and violated.

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