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Okay so the title is probably arguable but can you actually find any flaws on Paul Walker? Like, his body is neither too bulky nor anywhere near skinny and the face! OMG I could stare at that gorgeous face for hours and still get moist! Let’s not forget the hair, you can do anything to Paul Walker and he still came out perfect! Don’t you wish that you can run your fingers through that soft, wavy golden hair of his? I had featured a couple of pictures of Paul Walker from Men’s Health before but they definitely didn’t really showcase what a beautiful human being he is. These are from various photo sessions he did a while ago but who cares, right? Near perfect I’d say!

Paul Walker

Paul Walker

Paul Walker

Paul Walker

Paul Walker

Paul Walker

Paul Walker

Paul Walker

Paul Walker

Paul Walker

Paul Walker

  • Brad

    OMG – this is as close to perfection as one could possibly get!

  • JohnnyU

    Why no screen grabs of his naked tush from Joy Ride? Get those on here! Hotttttt

  • Ali

    Into The Blue is one of his best movies mostly cause hes shirtless for mostly all of the movie

    sexy man :D:D:D

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  • sara

    wouldnt mind to lay on top of him in the last picture …HOT HOT HOT

  • silvana


  • Luke

    he looks better with his sexy blond locks!!! YUM!!!

  • Paul Walker reminds me of a blonde Spencer Garbett. They look identical!

  • Madrigaal

    I got the chance to meet this guy in person back when he was in Portland to promote a movie he was in. He was the LEAST interesting/attractive guy in the room. This is all make-up and lighting. His body is obviously been worked up, and the teeth aren’t the ones he had then either. But in some of these photos his plain face sort of shows up around the edges.

    Considering how much you rag on guys who ‘appear in public with too much make-up’ you need to get a grip about this one. He is pure and simple, a very average looking guy who looks good in makeup.

  • hottie


  • pritta

    OMG he so sexy n so hot

  • Samantha

    He’s cute very cute…………………………..

  • Perfectly-unperfect94

    Paul Walker is sooo hot!! It should be illegal to be that hot!! It makes me wanna cry and smile at the same time!! Cry- cause I can’t have him(he’s older) and smile-cause he’s soo hot!!

  • audreylewis

    awww lol he is damn hot!!! im only 14 though soo he’ll prolly be too old then ;(

  • Mike

    He’s gorgeous. Seriously, what a good looking guy. Wow.

  • Paul walker is a dream, he has a beautiful face, athletic body, manly voice, sweet smile and wonderful personality, his eyes …..Oh my God!!!, He is perfect.

  • Madrigaal, you are lying, beacause Paul Walker in person is very charmer, sweet and beautiful; other actors are ugly in person, but Paul no.
    I saw him two years ago and he was very gorgeous.

  • Sexy

    I would definitely bang him.

  • thehornyboy

    i want to rip his shirt and pants off and lick him from head to toes.yummy!!!

  • meche

    the things i’d do to you!

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  • Complex

    Oh my Holy Hotness. What a creation!

  • JEFF


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  • Curly

    Paul walker is the prettiest man I´ve ever seen , he´s amazingly hot!! 🙂 I wish I

    were older to be her girlfriend:D (what a dreamy girl):P hehe

    I just melt myself When I see him in the movies…

    I love his eyes!!

    keep being so gorgeous for us, your fans……(L)

  • Sierra Moral

    He has the most beautiful eyes and smile.

  • Shakira

    Damn he’s f***ing hot. I would so bang him! He has the most beautiful eyes and smile. Im gonna marry him someday! Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily

    I F***ing LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so HOT!!!! An SEXY!!! Id let him do whatever he wants to me as long as im on bottom!!!!! an Shakira agrees with me…. But seriously HE IS SO F***ING SEXY… Id bang him in a second… =)

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  • Roxanne

    HE IS SO DAMN SEXY!!!!!! i could just fall into those dreamy blue eyes… And that SMILE…OH HELL YEAH!!!! GOD HE’S A BEAUTIFUL MAN….

  • AnaTrevino

    You Make my Heart Throb

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