Zac Efron by Matthew Rolston for The Rolling Stones

Zac Efron Shirtless on The Rolling Stones

Okay, I have to admit my last post of Todd from “Survivor: China” was a tad selfish and self centred. In contrast to that, here is a totally unselfish post for a change. No, it’s not Daniel Radcliffe, I’m not actually want to go to that extreme (yet). It’s our favorite pretty boy from High School Musical, Zac Efron. Why post Zac pictures when we literally can find these on other (millions) websites you may ask?

The answer is simple. Because I’ve been getting a gazillion requests for a Zac’s page regardless since the cro-magnon era. Most of them sound like, “Have you ever heard of Zac Efron?” or “Did you know there’s a total hottie named Zac Efron, he’s very famous like OMG” or “It’s weird that you don’t have a Zac’s page here”. See, I totally care. Of course, you’ve probably seen these shirtless beach pictures of Zac Efron before, but what the heck. For all Zac’s fans out there, hope you really enjoy his prettiness to the max!

Zac Efron Shirtless on The Rolling Stones

  • psh072857

    Zac Efron…Talk about eye candy…And don’t cha just wanna run your finger (or tounge) down that “treasure trail”!…

  • Atrau

    I wanna lick him everywhere!

  • taylor lautner lover101

    yeah he’s cute but taylor lautner is way hotter(talor is sharkboy:)

  • zac lova

    omg! zac is one hunkalisious dude! he is sucha hottie.

  • Zack adorer

    o.m.g i met zack 1nce nd all nvr 4 get it. as mch as a h8 her a so wanna be vanessa hudgens!

  • Zac Efron HUGE fan

    Hey, don’t FIGHT over Zac, saying he’s yours and blah blah blah. Actually, he’s the one who has to choose. And he’s SO cute! I’ve got 7 posters of him in my room, and about exactly 600 photos which I got from the internet. I love his voice, but ‘hottie’ is not the right name for him.

  • Zac Efrom Lover

    Imagine what would it be like to kiss him!

  • KAI

    he is the lush,he is sexy and a word to vennesa u are one lucky girl to be kissing hes sexy lips. xx i love u zac

  • Heather

    I love Zac Efron SO much! I’m collecting pictures of him, so far i have over 70! I am TOTALLY in L – O – V – E baby! I LOVE ZAC EFRON!

  • atsdam

    zac efron i have never seen anyone as hot as him. His eyes are like OMG hot.
    Hes the hottest thing ever. And vanessa is so lucky to have him. make sure you keep him close vanessa or ill come and get him. If i had three wishes. They would all be to meet zac efron. I have like 50 pictures of him on my ipod and like 10 in my room. I LOVE you Zac efron

  • he is sooooooo sexy that ive ever see.

  • Zac Efron Kisser

    Kissing him would be a dream come true!3:-o

  • eber h deem


  • zacfan

    people you think these pics are good i’ve got 2 pics of him naked and i mean full on no clothes on naked

  • he is sexy

  • kk

    omg zac is so sexy i love hima dn guys i am going to be Mrs.Efron 😡
    so bye bye

  • danny

    i want to kiss him and kiss him from his lips to his you know what

  • Ian

    Ruh roh, post go bye-bye. Nsfw links methinks. But anyhoo, as far as I know, the pics are fakes, ripped from the ones of him on the beach.

  • Aolp

    He so cute I want to be nacked with him in bed and lick him

  • MM

    I love ZAC efron

    hes really hot
    I want to kiss his lips all night long especially valentines day.
    I cant resist him when he mailed me even the mail with one word
    I think Im in heaven.


  • Eric

    What can I say but what’s already said, I LOVE this kiddo so much! I mean this is MY kind of man,,, a bit girlish, I have to addmit, but that picture in the blue couch is totally breathtaking for me…

  • Daphne

    he is so HOT! like I mean SEXY!!!!

  • Lucky Knipple

    How do we get to see those pictures of him nude. He’s so HOT I get hard looking at him.

  • oh…my…fcuking…GOD! why does he have to be so damn hot? lol just see those abs!

  • Wow, does his eyes ever stand out when he weras blue…

    He is the devil. No one should be that irresistable. He’s like a drug. He’s addictive and dangerous… I don’t care.

    Notice how whenever it’s an actual official posing picture, he touching himself? Anyways…


    Like wow, just… wow.

    Okay, imagining what it would be like to kiss him… still imagining… still imagining… wow. He is just… wow.






  • jaylynn

    all u freakin’ tramps betta get off of my boo boo 4 i straight up ddt someone. he is 2 dagone sexy 4 yall 2 be dreaming about. he is my man! Zac Efron is the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tenaya

    U FREAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HE IS SO UGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I WANT HIM TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zac you are so hotttttttt with your shirt off will you be my boyfriend please.



  • Passionn xxx

    Well well welll.
    He really is gorgeous!
    Talk about improvement!
    Can you remember Zac fans, in High School Musical all that time ago when little 7 year olds fancied him? He was cool Troy, on the front of HSM notepads, etc.
    Look at him now… he is pretty in a great way, extremely sexy too. He is famous and probably beautiful would be the word. But those 2 professional pictures contradict each other. The blue picture says sexy older guy, and the white one says gorgeous and cheeky…. he’s both!
    He’s becoming hotter and hotter, and I really hate Vanessa Hudgens with her voice… why does he like her???? *Moan* Give someone else a go; you’ve had your chance!

  • Will

    God, he’s sexy as hell. Too bad he’s looking at buying an engagement ring and he’s a closet bi. lol. Wonder if slutnessa knows about that?

  • sabrina


  • hellowhatup

    WOW i have seen those pics even though there fake they are hot WOW

  • kayla

    you look so hot in all of those shots and i have seen all of your movies and you are so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • paiten……

    girls stay away hes mine but ill share>>……………………..

  • jayson

    zac i love you, you are so hot, i love you…. i want to kiss your nipples…

  • ME

    I want your baby

  • Bitc.h

    Too much make up and too fake.

    Hes not a man but a little girl.

  • Lala

    My honest opinion is that he’s totally disgusting!!! Worst bod ever!!!

  • OMG GROW UP!! He’s wit VANESSA not u. duh!!! =P @ Jaylynn. And y shud we all back off? We ave as much right 2 be a fan of him as u do. How dumb. Sumbody slap her! lol. U think Zac wud eva sleep wit a man? hmmmm……i wonder!!

  • i’m a guy and i’m bi actually i’m like 99.9% Zac – .089% Other guys – .001% girls. He’s so so so sexy. I’m cumming looking at him. i lick down down down his treasure trail so badly.

  • I agree about the makeup thing – he looks like a woman whenever he does TV appearances. Gross.

  • People who think zack is gay and tht lot well hes not hes sexy hot and cute and the people who does think hes gay well your gay. zack i love you and your girlfriend is soo beautiful and pritty and lucky love u zack i want to marry you and im only 20 love u lots

  • hi guys all you fat ugly pigs that cally zack gay go and jump off a cliff because he is the hottest and fittest boy ever! No offence to my boyfriend ryan campbell. i wish i could marry you zack ur the best so ROCK ON ZACK. all you peeps that think hes hot well even the gays no ofence but YOU ROCK 🙂

  • hi zack its me again i got to say that your soo cute and hot and sexy i think you should have my msn addy just emil on my msn addy love u soooooo much love ya and your the hottest boy on the planet love (L)(L)(L) Every one on here if u think zacks cute and sexy and hot and you want to go out with him WELL HES MINE hehe 😛 only kidden love u zack (L)and i want to kiss you zack efron (K)

  • tiffany

    ZAC you want to entangle in my bed and not release ever and give you kisses and to me because I love I love you with all my soul! Because you’re a vice and an addictive drug are as hot as hell … I want to die on your lips ummm !
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!muak!!!my love!!!

  • medo

    i’m a guy. Zac is the hottest guy to ever live. I want him to kick me around and kick me in the bare butt and kick my nuts. I want to lick his butt and everything else and i want him to beat me to the ground and kick me around like a toy. he’s so sexy. i get hard looking at him for 1/2 a second.

  • Hannah Efron

    zac efron is so gorgeous and i wanna kiss him so jusch i saw hsm3 last night and at the end i stood on a chair and shouted i love zac efron !!! everyone stared who cares !!! i love him hes so lovley and cute

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