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Adam Levine of Maroon 5

From Levi, let’s move to a resident hottie on this site, Adam Levine. True he needed the update and he was in fact shirtless a lot of times in most of Maroon 5 music videos. But how often do you see his gorgeous lean and nice hairy body straight on from the front? (For those of you lucky enough to drool over him live in concert, that’s an exception!)

These are a couple of shirtless Adam Levine from his recent appearance at a Halloween party, dressed as someone from Fight Club (I assumed Brad Pitt). Of course Adam was clearly looking for scoring some action that night and who wouldn’t say no right? If only he ditches those hideous sunglasses and grows his hair back… Oh and these are property of GettyImages so excuse the watermark, kay?

Here is another clearer photo of Adam Levine shirtless in his underwear in case you wanna zoom in on those teeny pink nips.

Oh, and here is couple more Levine sexiness. Who care if he goes around and sleep with everyone right?

Shirtless Adam Levine

Shirtless Adam Levine

Shirtless Adam Levine

Shirtless Adam Levine

Adam Levine in a tank Top

  • he’s the kind of guy that make me feel and erection
    I want his hairy body close to me and link those nipples
    and his navel and more down! I love him

  • yeah

    i think so, too :d
    Let’s f*ck adam levine and feel his body on mine 😮

  • Brooke

    I just had an urge to rape…

  • Ciara2010

    what the fcuk is wrong with ya’ll
    he is so ugly!
    he needs to put back on his shirt!

  • Anny

    Adam ! Wow!

  • cadegirl

    Damn…..he’s was fine sexii beast

  • cadegirl

    Damn…..he’s a fine sexii beast

  • ded

    i guess hes hot.

  • cadegirl

    he IS hot!

  • star

    damn he’s hot…but i dont think about his body..i always think about his kisses…all i want is one kiss…just onee….huuh

  • jay

    he is so damn hot… i like his “wake up call” and “this love” sex scene… he made me aroused… adam i love your sexiness… i love to have sex with you, pls adam i hope you read this… just e-mail me, and i am a member of your official fun club, just find me there… jv ok adam…

  • max

    wow,i wanna touch all over him so bad and feel his warm body against mine!

  • Oh man, he is my twin,sans the tats. I’m in love, bro!

  • michelle

    in case you were wondering, adam is dressed up like tyler durden from fight club. (brad pitt played tyler in the movie)

  • Heterophobe

    We actually feel the same ’bout you straight people. I don’t understand why you’d want to reproduce.

  • Reese

    This guy doesn’t do it for me. I don’t think I like skinny guys with no facial expressions.

  • WarpedRecord

    Adam appears to like himself more than I ever will, so I’ll throw this one back.

  • long time no see

    wow you guys are all still really gay and extremely illiterate…haha. learn how to spell and then pull the dildo out of your ass and find a better way to spend your time….seriously you guys are losers…thought i would check and see if this disgusting site was still being used and what did i find? there are still a bunch of lonely gay people out there who need material for their next lonely masturbation session….

  • bcooper

    hearing his luv sounds during our intense raunching would make me squirt

  • I think that Adam Levine is one of the sexiest men up there along with Justin Timberlake. I would suck his dick better than he’s ever had it sucked. I would swallow every last drop of his cum and then keep sucking so he can cum inside my ass after he gets hard again. I bet he has a huge cock too. Tall skinny guys usually have long fat dicks in their pants. And to the homophobe writing shit about no one having a life and being illiterate. You must be gay too fag, or else you wouldn’t be looking at this site. Plus, you’re the type of nerd who runs their mouth on the computer but, in someone’s face you would run like the bitch you are. Adam Levine is sexy and has a huge cock.

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  • Justin

    Levine’s nude pics in Cosmo earlier this year (2011) were INCREDIBLE… the dark hair, the killer smile, and that masculinly unmanscaped body… He’s overdone it a bit with the tatts, but you’d have to be either blind or straight not to see how hot this dude is. I just turned 24, and I’d marry him in a second!!!!!!

  • TK

    FYI – This is a pretty sad site. But in case you’re interested, Adam is one hell of a nice guy. And he is very proudly and openly a slut…a sexual dynamo actually [and has a preference but excludes no gender]. One Saturday this summer he entertained 7 guests – individually – in his bed during the course of the day. And he is blessed with 8 thick – and beautiful -inches, towering above a pair of those large, low-hangers. And he makes it a point to outfuck anyone and everyone he know. So you can stop the conjecturing – and he is a gorgeous megatalent

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