Biggest Move Ever

Todd Herzog

Well, this is my first attempt to move the whole to a full-fledged blogging system, using WordPress as a platform. I will be re-indexing all the celebrities’ pages and note the exact time they’re posted. Yes, it will be a long and tedious work but I am fully prepared for it. It’s time to change after over one year and a half blogging on a static web page, which overloads the server and not so user friendly.

Let me know what you guys think and just ignore that cute picture of Todd the munchkin. I just randomly put him there for, you know eye candy purposes. Any comment on layout, colors, features etc would be appreciated.

Wish me luck people!

  • Just a test comment, kids. Please, do leave yours if you want to! 🙂

  • Let’s see… Now you can link, make your comment bold, italics,

    quote stuff

    …and much more!

  • Jssy104

    Like the new layout a lot….

  • Finally someone here! Jssy, you deserved a shirtless hunk delivered to your doorstep for being the first commenter LOL. The layout is not perfect yet but so glad you liked it!

  • Jssy104

    It’s easier to navigate…Hopefully it is up and running soon….Good Luck!!

    PS…I’ll take the Aussie Swimmer Brett Hawke or the Gymnast Beyler in a big red bow and nothing else, preferably by X-Mas. 😉

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