Dino Morea

Dino Morea Shirtless

A few things I know about Bollywood actors; they’re a mix of multiple gorgeousness, like to wear tight clothings of questionable taste and take their shirts off more than average for show. What could be better right? That being said, as my first Bollywood hunk post here, I present you the lickable Dino Morea. Honestly I never seen his films but I bet he got shirtless most of the time in them. Hey, if you got it, flaunt it!

These shirtless pictures of Dino Morea are from his official website and the one on the bed is I think enough to make even some who has never seen a Hindi movie before in their life absolutely soaking wet. I know a lot of request coming for shirtless Asian hotties like Rain, John Abraham (more suggestions would be nice!) and if you happen to have their shirtless pictures preferably in high quality, do send them to me so I can spread the Asian fiery hotness to the masses!

Oh by the way I took the liberty of double sizing the images so you guys could, uhm zoom in to his delicious details. Enjoy!

Dino Morea Shirtless

Dino Morea Shirtless

Dino Morea Shirtless

Dino Morea Shirtless

Dino Morea Shirtless

Dino Morea Shirtless

Dino Morea Shirtless

Dino Morea Shirtless

Dino Morea Shirtless

  • psh072857

    HHHHHHmmmmmmm…Man salad…

  • ricciboy


  • zeus

    ummph yummmy………extream hottttt.

  • aj

    ur so hooooooooooottt….
    extremey delicious….
    super supreme body….

  • love him …. on ma bed with me n naked n the only reason i wud kick him out of the bed wud b bcuz i wanna fuk him on the floor

  • wanna pull the bed sheet n expose him

  • dipika

    I wat to lie with him in the bed clothless

  • dipika

    i would like to be in bed with him clothless

  • u r 2 good
    ur body is perfect &remarkable
    every look is great

  • Nandini

    Haha… Dino Morea does have a great body, but you’re just at the tip of the ice berg of bollywood hotness.

    Try some of these guys :

    Arjun Rampal (former model turned actor who likes to play with swords in his free time)

    Hrithik Roshan (whose gorgeous but hard to find good pictures of)

    Salman Khan (the pioneer of shirtless-ness in bollywood)

    Zayed Khan ( a little dorky, but totally worth it)

    Ranbir Kapoor (also dorky, but did a nude scene in his fist movie!)

    Shahid Kap00r (absolutely doable, but very hard to find totally shirtless pictures of him. You might find a lot of peek-a-boo shots though.)

  • Sam

    Hmmmm…. he is sucha adorable guy… he looks like a Greek god…and in the pictures above… he looks heavenly.. i wish i could have been in the same blanket with him in the pics…. although i am hetro… i would not mind turning gay for the sweet lad…..

  • selina

    aww hes well cutee 😛

  • Richa

    I wana to be fucked by him hard.

  • rajinder gupta

    i amnot a gay but for him i can.attractive body like to lick

  • Radha

    I am eagerly wait for fuck by him

  • Praveen

    Oh God! Wat a guy, i wan him in my bed to suck his nipples

  • crazy

    what a item ya. Really like to lick him

  • oh boy I would love to sleep with u and talk to u entire nite..!!

  • oh boy I would love to sleep with u and talk to u entire nite..!!

  • Oh boy!!!
    Did any one tell u how good looking and sexy u r…U r my man…I would love to sleep with u and talk to u entire niteeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  • Coolguy

    You have damn sexy body bt many other actors such as shahid or hritik have more sexy body den dat of u bt unfortunately dey dont show it off!……;)

  • SABA


  • manoranjanjena

    oh my god what a body.

  • adf

    He is bisexual… At his initial stage many people fucked him. His ass is delicious. He shared bed with Imran khan… They used to meet and fucked… Imran khan always preferred to be bottom. If u look deeply on to Imran’s ass u will understand. He is trying to reduce the size now. His hole is little large

  • vkumar

    People says Dino dated Siddharth malhothra… Siddharth was dated by many big people. At first Karan then thorugh Karan Sharukh also fucked Siddharth’s ass. Now Dino’s turn

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