Mika Shirtless

Yes, he’s poofy. Yes, he sings like a girl. Yes, your gaydar detects him from hundreds of miles away. Screw that. Mika is one hot sexy beeyotch. There I’ve said it. And I’m glad there are others who agree (thanks sapphiresecrets!). I have a thing for lean skinny guys, it semms like they are full of energy and imagine all that translates in the bedro… Never mind.

These shirtless pictures of Mika from his performance at Ibiza Rocks 2007 are taken by his no. 1 fan Mirtilla posted at Mika Fan Club. And to sum up what I think about Mika, here are some word of wisdom from KarmaLysing: Dang, Greek boy’s got one helluva body, doesn’t he? Oh the things I could do with an athletic, hyperactive 20-something Greek lad… heheheheheh…


Update: If you can read this, you probably care a little bit more about the site (this means because you’ve subscribed and there’s some problem currently of accessing the website directly from Squarehippies.com). My readers are definitely the ones that keep me going (you know who you are!) despite all the shit that happened this week. Thanks for all your help and support, really. Well that concludes my ramblings, now on to the good stuff. Oh and you can comment now. 🙂

Mika from Ibiza Rocks 2007

Mika Shirtless

Mika Shirtless

Mika Shirtless

Mika Shirtless

Mika Shirtless

Here are a couple more (shirted) Mika love for ya.


Mika<img mce_tsrc='http://www.squarehippies.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/12/mika.jpg' alt='Mika Shirtless' />

  • mofoghetto

    btw, Mika is part Lebanese, part American (although he grew up mostly in London).

    He is not Greek :d

  • Grey

    love the lean skinny types….mmm

  • thee-mrs-mika-penniman

    OMFG! Mika is the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!

  • i love mika so much and hes songs there great will you marry me? i love you i’v got a ryhm to prove it if i had you as my boyfriend i’ll be the happiest girl alive and im a big girl to so as you say in your song’s big girl’s (you are baetuful) thx because i am and you as well you make me happy mika i love you lots good luck on your song’s to xxxxxxx

  • i love you mika

  • hi im 13 who care’s i love you so much your sexy and hot be mine mika

  • im your number 1 fan your so sexy i whont to marry you you do so meny sexy move’s i faint i love your art it’s raelly raelly great you rock mika i’v got about 9 or 10 pic………on my wall i love you

  • mika is MINE forever

  • mika’s… someonee

    carolyn you are crazyy
    mikaa is mineee…….

    i want him….
    he is my man…

  • mika’s… someonee

    and ditto are you
    a guy or
    a girl……

  • carolyn

    hi im a girl and mika is mine it’s my birthday today so dont say that hes your ‘s couse hes not hes HES MINE ALL MINE ha ha ha i love you mika im your number one fan and hes not your man and im not crazy you are mika is all mineeeee

  • carolyn


  • mika’s… someonee

    you are very mad and insane if you think mikaa is yourrss…..
    be a bitch and choose another celeb … mika is minee…. i saw him first… jjaajjaaa =D i won himm… you don’t even know him and i met him in an autograph firm and i saw him and he kissed me and i got his autograph… he also asked for my name and emaill…..

    actually, the last week he send me a message that he is coming back.. and asking if i’m going to see his concert….

    and ditto (the one that uploaded the photos) is a boy or a girl…..

  • Emii aka Mrs Penniman

    Mika ain’t gay………we don’t really know…………..& he’s not Greek…………he is half Lebanese & American but lived mostly in London & Paris…. But great sexy pics…….he is a great musican ……& a sexy beast……I would sex him anyday =D

  • Laura

    Eat My Dust Mika Haters , HHAHAHA

  • samantha

    people u know that other people have been sending death threating notes to him about his sexuality but i dnt care because im bisexual and i dnt care
    i dnt think mika is going to happy wen he see a bunch of girl fighting over him by comment by comment give him a break i do lov him but he is not mine and hes no 1 until he is in lov ok AND ME TYPING THIS IS MAKING ME SICK BUT IT HAS TO BE SAID OK so you say what you wont ok but just remember what i told u guys ok
    and mika if u need to talk to at any time go on facebook and type in my email ok because you must be going through hell and i have been down that round and i dnt wont to go back ok
    bye z ps: loving lollipop ok lov it and loving all the others as well remember if you need to talk let me know ok bye z xxxx

  • mika penniman

    hi i know u all love me i just wont to say thx for the comment’s and have a great 6 week’s of in joy it while you can i am the real mika you are talking to by the way ok love ya lots

  • На самом деле, как говорится – Без пользы жить – безвременная смерть.

  • Да Вы писатель настоящий, как я посмотрю 🙂

  • yukoner2

    My wish is that super chubs were his type… then I would be here waiting for him. So hot! Love the hair!!!

  • Hairylou

    WOOF! I love Mika. He totally turns my crank!

  • Отличные новости, так держать, удачи в будущем.

  • Как часто публикуете новости по данной тематике?.

  • Я тоже в блоге про такое пишу, только на тему кино

  • Great Things!

  • Достаточно интересная и познавательная инфа

  • Abby

    O.M.G. I am addicted to Mika! Hes so hot and cute and unique and sweet and funny and free and adorable and he has an awesome accent and, and, well, hes PERFECT!

    he rocks

  • А ещё посты из этой серии будут?

  • mikafan4eva

    hey im only 13 but who cares mikas sooooo hot even though some says hes bi i dont care ur concert rocked man
    love ya

  • kiko

    I love Mika he is the cutest man alive i want him sooo bad!!!1

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