Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe Shirtless

Mike Rowe wins hands down in the shirtless department of documentary TV hosts. Bear Grylls should come in close second. Brady Barr trailing. Way to increase ratings, Discovery! Jssy104 posted some pictures on the forum a while ago and now it’s time for this hot guy to have his own page!

The first word that came to mind when I saw Mike Rowe is beef. Bear is second. And the third word is of course, shag. Pure, hard, filthy shag. In the mud. Okay that’s too much fantasizing. Enjoy these shirtless pictures of Mike Rowe showing off his prime beefy body from various episodes of Dirty Jobs capped by Superherofan. I’d like mine rare please!

Mike Rowe Shirtless

Mike Rowe Shirtless

Mike Rowe Shirtless

Mike Rowe Shirtless

Mike Rowe Shirtless

Mike Rowe Shirtless

Mike Rowe Shirtless

Mike Rowe Shirtless

Mike Rowe Shirtless

Mike Rowe Shirtless

Mike Rowe Shirtless

Mike Rowe Shirtless

Mike Rowe Shirtless

Mike Rowe Shirtless

Mike Rowe Shirtless

Mike Rowe Shirtless

Mike Rowe Shirtless

Mike Rowe Shirtless

Mike Rowe Shirtless

  • ricciboy

    i love the hair..

  • I love his hairy chest!! The last picture is very hot!!

  • Atrau

    Gotta love the chest!

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  • Rose

    What a man !! You can get lost in that chest lol

  • DILFy goodness!

  • mark

    that is a real man. the one in the shower is adorable.

  • Kylie

    OMG! Mike Rowe is AWESOME! ::drools::

  • Tennis lover

    love the furry chest. the last one with his nipples through the hair is hot. makes me want to rub up against him right now. dripping hard right now.

  • Jim

    Thank You!! My partner and I think Mike is the hottest guy on TV and finally someone hap posted shirtless pics.

    He is every butch bears dream!!

  • diego treviño

    i love mike rowe

  • paul

    i love you too mike

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  • Sally


  • YUCK!!!

  • Charlie Hoopla

    Puts me in mind of a poor man’s Charlton Heston….thank god I’m poor!

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  • David

    Mike Rowe…is the one of the hottest men I have ever seen….thank-you so much for putting his pictures up….would’t you love to bury your face in that hunking chest of his….as well as down south…LOL…excellent site…so glad I found it and you have it out there….

  • I looove Mike! 😀

    I watch Dirty Jobs any time I can! He makes chest hair look hotter than ever!

    You should really put up Bear Grylls, I’ve got the biggest crush on him!

  • Хех.. какой-то оффтопик начался 🙂

  • Larry

    Did you know that Mike Rowe won a gay man’s poll of who they would most likely have an affair with? Apparently Mike has guy’s votes for HOT!

  • T

    What a nice crotch shot of him on the sidewalk in the city

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  • I want Mike Rowe to fuck me!!!!!! He is so hot….. I want him to take his pants off so I can suck his thick dick!!!

  • robyn

    Hot hot hot!!!!!!! I wish I could get some of that!

  • Brenda

    Bless you for posting these pics! I kneew I couldnt be the only person watching this show like a crack ho. I see he’s got a lot of male fans…but this woman knows a man when she sees one. I wish he would come to my town…I’ve got a dirty job waiting for him.

    • davidjohng

      So are you saying if he was interested in his “male fans” here he wouldn’t be a “man”? Or the male fans here aren’t men? I’d watch the heterosexist stereotypes esp on a gay site because afterall this is OUR site.

  • Sissi

    I have the BIGGEST crush on MIKE ROWE.. I am totally not surprised to see men as well as women drooling for him. He is sooo sexy! I tune in to his show every week… He is my biggest fantacy right now. Mike YOU ARE HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Santa Clarita, California

  • Giovanni

    F’n nice hairy chest on Mike.. and nice package too. IF only u could put a bag on his head.. or it was really, really dark. I’d def tough it out tho. What a nice, hairy, tite bod… masculine personality too.. adds a lot. and he’s tall and he has package. LOVe u mike.. and ur guns. 🙂

  • nadiam

    I want to suck his thick tool for the longest time…fuck me any way he pleases….is he married???

  • Michaerl Wisper

    You know what we call him in our house? Alpha Mike!!! If ever there was an alpha male, mike is definitely it!! And yes, let me get lost in that chest hair. One of the pics in here shows quite a decent basket too! I’m taking that one to bed with me!

  • Slt4mike

    I want him to fuck me so hard I would need to be on wheelchair for a week. Mike please fuck me hard then never call me again!

  • Kenny

    What can I say? I’d do him in a heartbeat!

  • Baby Boy

    Makes me wet just looking at him…..He’s 100% man and Silverdaddy as sexy as hell…..MOLEST ME DADDY,I’ll be a good boy,I promise………

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