Orlando Bloom 2

Orlando Bloom Shirtless in Troy

As outrageously cute and insanely hot Orlando Bloom is, I would never consider him a “hunk”. Not even a bit. A hottie, yes but never a hunk. He has the most gorgeous face ever but in the body department, I personally think he is totally incomparable to his Troy co-stars. Almost weird looking, really. That’s why I like Orlando best in cute and romantic movies like The Calcium Kid and Elizabethtown. Pirates was okay, just because there was no shirtless Orly scenes in it and that goatee was totally lickable.

That being said, it’s always nice to see a beautiful guy like Orlando baring it all for the screen for us to drool at. These shirtless pictures of Orlando Bloom are from the movie Troy. I’m going back to Calcium Kid and drink some Orlando milk now.

Orlando Bloom Shirtless

Orlando Bloom Shirtless

Orlando Bloom Shirtless

Orlando Bloom Shirtless

Orlando Bloom Shirtless

Orlando Bloom Shirtless

Orlando Bloom Shirtless

Orlando Bloom Shirtless

Orlando Bloom Shirtless

Orlando Bloom Shirtless

  • orlando is so dumb

  • HA HA! Orlando Bbloom is not dumb. He is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • trisha

    omg lando was such a wuss in this movie. love him to pieces but he never said anything smart. i loved when he shot brad pitt. he went legolas on brad’s ass. it was so awesome

  • mary

    orlando bloom is the hottest guy i ever laid eyes on he is great in all his movies i would give anything to meet him.i liked him the best when he played will turner he is a sexy pirate.

  • veeveeaan

    his character in this movie wasn’t my favourite.
    but i absolutely ADORE him to pieces.
    [i’m gonna marry him some day hahahah]
    not only is he a gorgeous elf, he’s the hottest pirate ever.

  • lindsey

    orlando is just very hot and sexy…. i like him…
    he’s great in every thing he does and he’s the best pirate ever!!!

  • ded

    true he is a gorgeus elf and the sexiest pirate/ prince ever, ever and ever. love his face.

  • mary

    i would love to rub my hands all over that naked chest of his i love his body and his lips he can be my pirate any time he wants. i found a picture of him just holding a towel over his penis that was the hottest picture i have seen of him yet. my biggest dream is to just to get to meet him in person .but we all know that is just a dream. ha ha ha

  • Jonas Rodriguez

    The thing with Orlando are is huge nipples, I want to lick those nipples.

  • eda

    hay ich find dich total süß ey.hdgdl canik bye kiss :D:D:D hehehehe

  • eda

    adde mich mal bitte orlando bloom.ok? thx kiss you:):D

  • molly

    oh my, what a beautiful man.

  • Vampirate8

    nice chest…I once saw a pic of him naked,too bad it was the back…he really has a nice ass

  • Lucas


    how you came Orlando to Ben Barnes new film of Narnia with Ben

    Lucas just asking

  • Curtis

    Orlalndo is one of my favorite hotties!! He has the best nipples in hollywood! I would love to suck on them, I get hard just thinking of him. He is very cute. I have all his movies and wish I could find the midsomers murders he was on back in 1999 in england. I would pay top dollar for the one where he is in bed with the old lady I have seen it on youtube and places but love to get a copy of my on. Keep the hotties cumming!!

  • orlando is hotest guy

  • Mercy

    Orlando was great in this movie, AND TOTALLY BEUATIFUL!!!!!!! AND SWEET! LOVE U ORLI!

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