Poll: The Adorkables

The Adorkables

Contrary to popular belief, the term adorkable MEANS hot. The adorkables are no less hotter than those hunky, model type guys so consider it’s a fair game, okay? Here is one of the descriptions of adorkable from Urban Dictionary:

An uncommon occurance where a nerd develops either good looks or a sense of confidence that makes girls (and some guys) swoon over their presence.

Totally disagree about the “nerd” part though. Me thinks the correct term is “unconventional hottie”. That being said, and the award for Adorkable Hottie of The Year goes to… Y’all know my vote goes to who, it’s a dead giveaway. Although Justin Bartha definitely deserves one as well!

Here are some reference to help you guys out:

John Krasinski, Zachary Levi, Christopher Gorham, Topher Grace and finally Justin Bartha.

Happy voting!

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