Sean Bean

Sean Bean Shirtless

What’s up everyone! Hope you guys are having a great time during this holiday season. I’m still re indexing the pages and tweaking stuff on the new site and it is taking a bit longer than I had expected, hence the update delay. I didn’t realize the list of shirtless guys here is humongous! You can always get your dose of hotties at the forum in the mean time. Anyways, here are a few shirtless pictures of a younger Sean Bean in his underwear. Who knew early Boromir could be as hot as Aragorn or even Legolas? However, I think he looks his best now, with all that mature hotness going on. As for these pictures, I have to admit he looked a bit unwell (literally) but with those white underwear, I guess no one can complain!

Sean Bean Shirltess

Sean Bean Shirltess

Sean Bean Shirltess

Sean Bean Shirltess

  • psh072857

    I llllooooooovvvvveeeeee a man in classic white boxers(I like him OUT of them better)…

  • Sean Bean is the ugliest guy on the earth! I can’t stand the look of him in his boxers. I think I’m going to throwup. He really needs to get some clothes on he is soooooooooooooo ugly. I don’t have words to express how much I hate him! HE LOOKS LIKE A HO BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shut up logan! even if i haven’t seen you, i am 101% SURE that u r UGLIER! than sean bean! if u think he’s ugly?! then what “WORDS” would u describe urself? a monster?! or perhaps a “LIVING BUGER! Hahaha!!!

  • who likes adreain paul he is hott as kan b

  • i guess he is hott

  • Jazz

    Logan, why would you have a look of pictures of Sean Bean if you thought he was ugly. What an arsehole. Sean has really nice eyes


    I like a WEATHERED man! And he’s hot in Sharpe!

  • Lover

    i really like sean bean and all that and i think hes really hot but the movie call “Hitcher” he was not my favorite he was one bad and mean mother @%&#!!!!!!!

  • Lucas

    Sean Bean is the defining example of men who only get better with age.

  • John

    I’d let him lord over my ring

  • Adam

    I love Sean Bean!!!

  • Paul

    Lucas…you stole the words right outta my mouth ! 😛

  • Michael W

    Sean DEFINITELY improved with age! Wow, what a difference a few years and facial hair made!

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