Alan Ritchson in Smallville

Alan Ritchson Shirtless as Aquaman in Smallville

I maybe late with these pictures and you probably had seen them, but it is my duty to give him a page here for permanent drooling. Alan Ritchson, you know the guy who tried to ‘win’ Paula in the fourth season of the American Idol and recently Aquaman in Smallville has the chiseled all-American good looks and of course, the body to die for. In these pictures he looks a bit different than usual. Facial features seems to be more defined and he did look less boyish and more manly than before.

Maybe it’s just me but hey, what’s to complain? Alan Ritchson will be featured in a couple of movies this year like Rex and a Spring Break ’83. Oh, and did you guys know he’s married? Oh well, at least it’s not too late to drool right?

Alan Ritchson Shirtless

Get those tissues ready, boys and girls!

Alan Ritchson Shirtless

  • David

    Just my opinion, but smooth does nothing for me. [-(

  • Psiwire

    These pics are new to me, Square. I’ve only ever seen this guy on Smallville, but wow, he’s hot! I especially like the scruffy beard.

  • I have to agree he’s a bit “too smooth”. But again with those looks, I can’t really complain. :d Lovin’ the scruffiness too! If only it wasn’t too microscopic.

  • darren

    Wouldn’t it be sweet to see him and Zac efron on top of one another.:”>

  • KarmaLysing

    Amazing eyes, and that picture in which he’s almost wearing the khaki pants… godDAMN… I’ll be in my bunk…

  • Lee21

    This man is so FINE!!!;)

  • sassywench

    I like the new photos. He’s leaner looking than on Smallville.

  • nicole

    I can’t believe I missed him on American Idol 4.:x That body is so hot not to mention that face and those eyes. Why aren’t there any guys like him where I live
    :(( who are single!

  • King

    This boy is definitely hot. As for the smoothness, I love those smooth bodies. Keep them coming. :”>

  • Drew

    Yow!! THEN GIVE ME THE SMOOTH!! Whew! Yeah!

  • Lucas

    =d> BRING ON MORE OF HIM!! ^:)^ BOW TO HIM!!…cause i know i would…

  • Chente

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!

    Great definition and great everything else!!!!!!

  • phil

    Not only would I bow to him…I’d kneel in front of him…^:)^

  • oh my gosh… his skin is really beautiful, his nipples delicious:”>

  • Ash

    I just love him! I really want a different angle of that khaki pic…..:d

  • LoveHardMaleNipples1

    Like his face clean-shaven other than that great recent pictures of him and I like Smooth Bodies.

  • ash whats your ass

  • Metcalfe


    this man is yummy

  • Jake

    man hes sexy…if only all men had a body like tht (hint hint any men with those abs has my heart hint hint hot men talk tl me)

  • Claire

    :d I met this guy last year in coventry & i got to give him a squeeze (whilst feeling those muscles) & spent time chatting with him.he is just as hot & sexy as he looks in these pics

  • i saw him do a strip tease before in front of paula abdul (^_^) he’s just so yummy (^_^) wish he could be my friend (^_^)

    p.s. please feature some asian guys too (^_^)

  • Matej

    tze rsrt trsz

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  • Lola

    seriously why is this guy married. My jaw dropped when I first saw him in Blue Mountain state. When I saw these pictures I got wet.

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