Alan Ritchson in Smallville

Alan Ritchson Shirtless as Aquaman in Smallville

I maybe late with these pictures and you probably had seen them, but it is my duty to give him a page here for permanent drooling. Alan Ritchson, you know the guy who tried to ‘win’ Paula in the fourth season of the American Idol and recently Aquaman in Smallville has the chiseled all-American good looks and of course, the body to die for. In these pictures he looks a bit different than usual. Facial features seems to be more defined and he did look less boyish and more manly than before.

Maybe it’s just me but hey, what’s to complain? Alan Ritchson will be featured in a couple of movies this year like Rex and a Spring Break ’83. Oh, and did you guys know he’s married? Oh well, at least it’s not too late to drool right?

Alan Ritchson Shirtless

Get those tissues ready, boys and girls!

Alan Ritchson Shirtless

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