Brad Renfro

The Late Brad Renfro Shirtless

The downward spiral of Brad Renfro is more then evident in the three movies I capped here.

First up is “Apt Pupil” an excellent movie by Bryan Singer based of a Stephen King novella and co-starring Ian McKellan. Brad is at the height of his hotness in this role and there’s a serious gay undercurrent that runs through the whole movie.

Then we come to “Bully” a hyper-sexual true crime story by Larry Clark. Brad is still pretty nice looking here, but the movie’s real heat is provided by Nick Stahl, who shows off a super lean body and just about all his goodies as the semi-psychotic rapist and Renfro’s best friend / pimp / tormentor.

And finally is “Confessions Of An American Girl” where Brad is more or less relegated to a supporting role playing the gay brother of Jena Malone. It’s only included here because I like the scene where Brad makes out with an inmate played by Clifton Collins Jr. (who later makes out with Phillip Seymour Hoffman as an inmate in “Capote”). But by the time this film was made, Brad was starting to look a little pudgy in the midsection and it looked like the hard-living was catching up to him.

“Apt Pupil” (including a couple caps of the adorable Joshua Jackson shirtless)


“Confessions Of An American Girl”

  • Moment of silence… Another hottie with so many potential has left us… :-< Let us all remember Brad as being cute, crushworthy and deliciously shirtless. Thanks so much for this tribute post, Psi! Moving on, looks like we need more of that Nick Stahl(!) and Jo Jackson hotness.

  • sassywench

    RIP my fellow Tennessean.

  • jay

    This happened to me when River died and now it’s happened again. I hate it, hate it, hate it. :((

    Brad did a lot of movies with homosexual undertones. Or overtones, for that matter. I wonder what Bryan Singer is thinking this evening. /:)

  • Milton

    :(( Such a beautiful man. Such lost talent. R.I.P.,Brad,we’ll miss you.

  • Chris

    What happened to this dear sweet, delicious boy? There is nothing better to me than some sweet Brad Renfro shirtlessness.:x:((

  • Larry Jenkins

    :(( Why couldn’t anyone get him the help he needed? He was always getting into trouble over some wild assed behavior. Since he spent lots of time in his native Tennessee, there MUST have been some one and some way he could have been reached. We have got to start thinking more about our brothers, who and where ever they are. No one ever got to the bottom of Jonathan Brandis’ suicide. If we don’t get out of the social greed the corporate capitalist have run amouk of since the Bush administration, this social nightmare will only get worse.

  • KarmaLysing

    Very sad… He was both beautiful AND talented…

    Oh, and…

    Hey, Larry… Brad was busy growing up basically without parental guidance during the Rodhamovich/Clinton Regime. So if you want to get completely technical (and utterly, retardedly, absurdist), his downward spiral and subsequent death by overdose is all Bill Clinton’s fault.

    How about you knee-jerk Lefties stop blaming Bush for every ill mankind has faced since the dawn of time? :-w

  • Jon

    Larry and Karma, please, I do not think it is appropriate for you to be discussing politics here. It is disrespectful to Brad’s passing.
    I always had a crush on him, he was enormously talented as an actor. I know he will never be forgotten.

  • nicole

    :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :((

    OMG Why! I loved brad Renfro. He was a great actor and it sucks he died so early. It a shame another great person lost due to drugs and alcohol. Just say no ppl.

  • LoveHardMaleNipples1

    Sad to hear about Brad Renfro he had such a bright Film career ahead I thought and such a shame he died so early due to Drugs and Alcohol

    was such a great actor not too mention good looking and sexy (last film i saw him in was (10th And Wolf) had a brief shirtless scene in it another one next to River Phoeniz another one who left way to early before his time

    R.I.P Brad we’re going to miss you quite alot .


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  • Matt

    He did get help. He was in recovery when he passed. Sure it was early on in the recovery having only been sober a month or so but he was getting help.

  • Matt

    oh and oddly enough on IMDB it says that he was first noticed during a school D.A.R.E. play in which he played a drug dealer.

  • Karen

    He kinda reminds me of Shawn Pyfrom (Desperate Housewives)

    R.I.P. Gone too soon

  • chris

    I am very saddened by Brad Renfro’s death, he was taken from us was too soon as was Heath Ledger. They both had so much promise and it is absolutely heart breaking that their personal struggles caused their untimely deaths. RIP both of you and may you find peace wherever you are now…

  • burghf_er

    DARE is a fraud anyway, Matt, in terms of effectiveness.

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  • JML

    Brad was utterly luscious circa 1997. RIP Brad… You’ll always be my number one childhood fantasy.

  • Andrea

    Nick Stahl definitely stole the movie “Bully” for me, at least. I suppose Brad and Heath have in common the fact that they both played characters in movies with unorthodox personalities. When you are an actor sometimes film becomes reality and it messes with you. RIP both of them.

  • Joe

    Wow…I had no idea that Brad Renfro was dead until today, August 12th, 2009, while reading about it on I just watched the movie “Bully” last night and was quite taken by how much Brad Renfro reminded me of a young Paul Newman in looks, build and his acting. I just looked him up on this website to see what other movies he has made and saw he had died. What a sad shame, he was very talented. I’ll have to Google his death to read what happened. I work at a small military base overseas in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and don’t watch tv all that much. This is very, very sad.

  • Tyhyin

    I’ve been trying to remember where I’d seen Brad Renfro kiss a guy. Thanks!

    Alas now I can’t for the life of me find the clip anywhere.

  • Michael O’Riley

    Brad was utterly beautiful in “Bully.”

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