Brad Renfro

The Late Brad Renfro Shirtless

The downward spiral of Brad Renfro is more then evident in the three movies I capped here.

First up is “Apt Pupil” an excellent movie by Bryan Singer based of a Stephen King novella and co-starring Ian McKellan. Brad is at the height of his hotness in this role and there’s a serious gay undercurrent that runs through the whole movie.

Then we come to “Bully” a hyper-sexual true crime story by Larry Clark. Brad is still pretty nice looking here, but the movie’s real heat is provided by Nick Stahl, who shows off a super lean body and just about all his goodies as the semi-psychotic rapist and Renfro’s best friend / pimp / tormentor.

And finally is “Confessions Of An American Girl” where Brad is more or less relegated to a supporting role playing the gay brother of Jena Malone. It’s only included here because I like the scene where Brad makes out with an inmate played by Clifton Collins Jr. (who later makes out with Phillip Seymour Hoffman as an inmate in “Capote”). But by the time this film was made, Brad was starting to look a little pudgy in the midsection and it looked like the hard-living was catching up to him.

“Apt Pupil” (including a couple caps of the adorable Joshua Jackson shirtless)


“Confessions Of An American Girl”

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