Dan Wells

Dan Wells Shirtless

As we all know, “soap hunks” and “shirtless” definitely belong in the same sentence but for a website that is ALL about shirtless hotties, I hardly feature any of them, mostly due to the fact that I don’t really watch soaps that much. However, every once a while, it’s good to have these gorgeous, well-built near perfect men to look at because I’m sure at least half of you are more than aware of their existence.

Dan Wells is definitely one of my personal favorite of the bunch, he’s one of those actors who ages gracefully, even the lines on his face are cute! These recent (I believe) shirtless modeling shots of Dan Wells are from his nice official website. Those eyes can melt an iceberg I tell ya!

Dan Wells

Dan Wells

Dan Wells

Dan Wells

Dan Wells

Dan Wells Shirtless

Dan Wells

Dan Wells

Dan Wells Shirtless

Dan Wells Shirtless

Dan Wells Shirtless

Dan Wells Shirtless

  • QCNiceGuy

    Although he is smooth, how can anyone resist a man with slabs like that for a chest? And his eyes are always saying, “Trust me…” A big thumbs up from me!

  • Totally, I actually refuse to stare at his eyes for more than 10 seconds otherwise I’d faint (of massive euphoria).

  • David

    Cute, too bad he’s all smooth like a 12 year old.

  • Virtue

    Can I get plastic surgery to have his amazingly gorgeous face? He’s handsome, hot and smooth. I like them pretty and smooth, too! Nice find.

  • Brooke

    oh my gosh! that is one of the most beautiful men i’ve ever seen!

  • sassywench

    His pretty eyes make up for his waxed body! Hubba hubba!

  • Rickg

    Gotta agree with all of you on his EYES. Damn they’re gorgeous. Super bod to go with em.

  • Chris

    He can model for me anytime…preferably without any clothes on! And whatever his age, he looks damn good! Hmm hmm…ooh me want more of Dan Wells.

  • nicole

    Omg, he is gorgeous. Those eyes are a killer along with that stomach. Oh I just love jeans that sit that low on the hips. Delicious! Thanks again Hippies.

  • Drew

    HOLY COW! Proof positive that life just isn’t fair! Sheesh! That face. Those eyes. That smile. And then there’s that body. Geez. He’s impossibly handsome. We should all be so lucky. Whew. He could take a person’s breath away. AND THEN–if he’s a nice guy… why, that’s just disgusting. lol

  • Chris

    His perfectly, round shaped half dollar sized nipples are what draw me in to this heartthrob! I can’t stare at him for very long either without getting lost in him and waiting for him to jump out of my computer and into my lap!!! His chest is perfection as is his rock hard abs! It’s just too bad we can’t get a look at the rest of him…

  • Dr Johnny

    Wasn’t this guy on some reality show – MtV or similar ???? He had blonder locks & he had some arrangement with a gay boyfriend tucked away somewhere ?? A model ????? as I recall, he’s a shortie, not the model height which is required.

  • almooose

    i fell in love with him from the first pic

  • Jazz

    OMG what a stunner!!!

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  • ric

    dan wells is gergeous with that sexy blond hair and those sexy big blue eyes just the word gergeous does not describe how he looks i just love that muscular chest and those beautiful washboard abs he has for a stomach those skin tight pants are a definant sign on him and that tight shirt i am shocked to know that he is not married and have kids by now i am surprised any wonder the girls have not kidnapped him and have their way with him having him tied to the bed and raping him he is so good looking i love you daniel wells

  • robotaustin

    dan wells is really gergeous. Visit here for more his HQ images: http://www.theboys.cn/siteunderwear/D/Dan-Wells/Dan-Wells01.html

  • jon

    i know this guy, he was in queer eye for gay guys or something. the show is about the the main guy picks 1 lover among these gay men. he used his really name dan in the show and keep convince them that he was gay but was reject later.

  • kevin

    holy crap…its one of the heteros from boy meets boy

  • Brian

    Dan Wells was very convincing as a gay man before he was outed as one of the heteros on Boy Meets Boy.
    He also played Sami Brady in disguise as a man on Days of Our Lives in one of their more outrageous and fun storylines.

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