DJ Masterbeat

DJ Masterbeat Shirtless

Can a DJ be too hot? Apparently not. These are posted by sassywench previously at the forums. Aside from the tan lines, this guy should be forbidden from wearing a shirt. Ever.

In case you’re interested, his real name is Brett Hendricson. Here is his Myspace page for more details (thanks Chris!). Head over to the original post for more of MasterBeat deliciousness including some whipped cream action!

DJ Masterbeat Shirtless

DJ Masterbeat Shirtless

DJ Masterbeat Shirtless

DJ Masterbeat Shirtless

  • sassywench

    Ah! My boyfriend gets the front page treatment! I am so glad you like him in his hairy chested glory!

  • Let’s discard the fact that his facial features resembles Karma’s 60 year old uncle shall we? :))

  • Virtue

    Woohoo! He spins me right round baby right round like a record! He’s smoking hot! Tan line aside, uncle or not, I’d him any day under any circumstances xD

  • Hey there! I think his official site is actually at — the other guy doesn’t look nearly as cute from the one tiny photo he has on his bio page. =)


  • Huh… I didn’t look past the logo, which matches what’s on his MySpace profile ( — maybe that’s not his official site after all. I’m con-fuse-ed!

  • Thanks for the heads up, Chris! That is definitely not his website. That’s the other one. I’ve changed the link to his Myspace page instead. :d

  • It’d really be okay if you deleted those two comments, as I can’t seem to get a single fact straight this morning.

    MySpace profile:

    It’s too early to be working! Hah!


  • :)) It’s okay, turns out that the website for Swiss (.ch) DJ Masterbeat returned as first result in Google. This hottie is at number 2 and funnily enough this website is number 3. is his production company or record label perhaps? I need make sure everything is correct before posting next time. :”>

  • David

    DJ Masterbater, sorry couldn’t resist! :-\”

  • Jake

    ok idj who he kis but AH now im horny

  • Tennis lover

    DJ masterbater is right. Have to go do that right now. that hairy chest and nipples have me dripping.

  • Chyna

    OH YESS 😀

  • lalala

    I like DJ Masterbates! <3

  • This is the Orginal DJ MASTERBEAT….. Titel is Born 1990 in Swiss.

  • pixiechick

    So this guy is a fcuking male stripper?

  • DJ masterbeat
    is good on masturbate..

  • Consumer Vigilante

    Brett Henrichsen is a horrible businessman and runs an equally horrific website.

    I’ve yet to see him spin in person, but regardless, possesses no customer service skills and seems to be in business for only one reason: to promote himself.

    Buyer Beware: his site crashes and you will be overcharged but not allowed to access your downloads. Anonymous e-mails will follow saying you’ve been given credits, but Buyer Beware again: you often can’t access these and it takes ***months*** to obtain a credit through Brett’s site. STAY AWAY!!!!

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