Eddie Razaz

Eddie Razaz Shirtless

Who the heck is Eddie Razaz? Honestly, I was asking myself the same question too. But what I do know is that he’s oh so gorgeous and like totally my type. After some net searching, turns out Eddie is an aspiring Swedish singer, who is into pop music a lot, especially Justin Timberlake and pretty much every other mainstream singers available out there. I guess we can say that Eddie has questionable taste in music (especially for a musician), but who cares?

Of course, he had his share of self lovin’ (i.e taking self pics in front of the mirror, etc.) but we like that kind of confidence especially in a hot guy like Eddie. With a cute organized scruffy face and delicately hairy body like that, I don’t see why he can’t be on our somewhat dry musicians list. Is he on Swedish Idol or something? Can someone please enlighten us? How I wish American male singers are more model-ish like Eddie. These shirtless modeling pictures of Eddie Razaz are from his MySpace page. Eddie dear, if you’re reading this, I think we got some, uhm candy for you right here. *wiggle wiggle*

Edit: Delicious pictures of Eddie have been removed as requested. For more of his delicious self, please visit Eddie’s MySpace page. Blame the lame person who were making stupid comment about him! 🙁

  • QCNiceGuy

    Absolutely a phenomenal find! Totally delectable! I love the pattern of his chest hair and his steady gaze. He is a keeper!

  • Rickg

    much agreed with QCNiceGuy. I dont like a very hairy guy that hide his physical beauty. But Eddies chest is coated just nicely. Would definitely love to see more of this guy!!!!!!!

  • KarmaLysing

    Dang, he’s purty!!! And if that third-from-the-top picture is at all accurate, he’s packing a lot of heat, as well… heheh…

  • chris

    He is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! That kind of perfection is usually banned or impossible to find in the states, and if he came over to this side of the world, I’d shag him anytime and all night long…wink wink. I agree that he is definitely packing some heat and we WANT MORE of this sweedish stud, chest hair and all!!

  • Atrau

    I wanna touch him everywhere!

  • Dr Johnny

    this dude is all natural – no buffed up monster — now that is an example of real male beauty…..he is too dark to be from Scandi land ????

  • sassywench

    Hot, hairy, and mysterious! I like him! He has that come hither gaze.

  • Tina

    YUMMY, the picks just keep getting better! I love your site!

  • i want a chest hair like this!
    He brings a Sexy Back… YEAH!

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  • Thank you so much!
    BUT I listen to all kinds of music, JT is just one of them haha. 😉

    You guys are so sweet, this totally made my day!

    Love you all!

    /Eddie R.

  • Hey Eddie!

    *restrains from being a giddy schoolgirl* Glad you can make it here. I’ve watched your video on You Tube and I’d have to say you got a very nice voice. I’m still not clear about your singing career in Sweden though. Can you enlighten us? Anyways, thanks for stopping by!

  • Hi!

    Well I came in top 20 on Swedish Idol 2005.
    Ever since I’ve been studying music and just taking my time to live life as a 18 year old.
    Last year I started recording again.
    I just uploaded a rough demo of a song I made last month, it’s not finished yet but we’re almost there.

    So to sum it all up, everything is going really good!

    I actually got shocked seeing me on this page, I just googled myself (out of boredom) and found this.
    I immediatly called my best friend and freaked out! I’m such a dork! haha 🙂

    Thank you so much for having me on here!
    Means so much!

    /Eddie R

  • Well you know, actually I don’t feature you for free here. 😉 In return, you should totally pose shirtless and hold an “I LOVE SQUAREHIPPIES.COM” sign. LOL

    Just kidding. Sort of. Heh.

  • Jssy104

    LOL @ Square…..you attention whore….just admit you want “private” shots of this beautiful male. I could teach you some Swedish if you want to lure him with more than candy….

  • I know right! I def wanna lure him more than just candy, but let’s keep things “professional” first. Now for that shirtless endorsement thing…

  • Jssy104

    That would be pretty sweet to have personalized endorsements….

  • Yeah, in fact it would be more than just sweet. More like dangerously diabetic!

  • KarmaLysing

    (SNORT)… You guys… ROFLMAO…

  • Chris

    I hope he stays on this page forever. I’d love to hear some of his music and take him backstage after a show. He is so beautiful, and for once someone who is not a teeny bopper like timberlake or some of the others out there…he’s a good looking man with a hot bod and a good personality to boot.
    Get us more Eddie, please?

  • Christopher

    shayne ward sings that we’ll keep the neighbours awake till late, would love to do that with this guy, he also says i’m gonna make you feel like you are heaven on earth and i’ll saint your mother just for giving you birth, oh yeah i’ll do that if that’s ok with him….?

  • tosht

    if i got my hands on him i think i’d die then come back to life and have a shagathon with him

  • Really? Then he should be looking into pursuing into career other than music, you know? I’d hit it in a heartbeat.

  • Eddie Razaz

    haha jealous Iranians… how sad and pathetic, yet typical, thats why I’m ashamed of people like you who calls themselves Iranians.
    bet this guy would never dare saying this to my face.

    I do think I know this guy though.
    He came up to me that night wanting to hook up – I turned him down.
    Now he goes around saying these things – just makes me laugh.

    Anyways – love clearing bullshit up.

    /Eddie R.

  • Aris

    Leave my boy alone!! I’ll kick all your asses!

  • Aris

    Jeaous bitches! I’l tear your ugly heads off!

  • Eddie, don’t let stupid comments like that bring you down. You know we all here for you, right? 🙂

  • Listen and vote for my new track “Better” at http://www.ubetoo.com/TopSongs.taf?_SongId=1378

    Thnx to Squarehippies! =)

  • Very George Michael-ish. Loves it. That being said I do think you need to do more pop stuff though ala Justin Timberlake. Maybe a cover? Anyways, congrats on the track! Now we need a sexy music video for that.

  • hmmm not bad i av never herd ov him before but hes quite fit lol xxx

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  • Lala

    They need WAY more pictures of him.

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  • Благодарю за такую занимательную точку зрения. Я с ней не совсем согласен, но она имеет право на существование.

  • Nathalie

    lol He is on swedish idol this year 😀 I vote for him every friday!

  • Will

    Damn, you look sexy as hell. I wish i could fuck you

  • Ali

    Eddie Razaz is Iranian descent, right?

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