Eddie Razaz

Eddie Razaz Shirtless

Who the heck is Eddie Razaz? Honestly, I was asking myself the same question too. But what I do know is that he’s oh so gorgeous and like totally my type. After some net searching, turns out Eddie is an aspiring Swedish singer, who is into pop music a lot, especially Justin Timberlake and pretty much every other mainstream singers available out there. I guess we can say that Eddie has questionable taste in music (especially for a musician), but who cares?

Of course, he had his share of self lovin’ (i.e taking self pics in front of the mirror, etc.) but we like that kind of confidence especially in a hot guy like Eddie. With a cute organized scruffy face and delicately hairy body like that, I don’t see why he can’t be on our somewhat dry musicians list. Is he on Swedish Idol or something? Can someone please enlighten us? How I wish American male singers are more model-ish like Eddie. These shirtless modeling pictures of Eddie Razaz are from his MySpace page. Eddie dear, if you’re reading this, I think we got some, uhm candy for you right here. *wiggle wiggle*

Edit: Delicious pictures of Eddie have been removed as requested. For more of his delicious self, please visit Eddie’s MySpace page. Blame the lame person who were making stupid comment about him! 🙁

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