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Jason Behr Shirtless in Skinwalkers and The Tattooist

We’re insanely in love with Jason Behr for two particular reasons. Number one, he’s effing hot (that’s pretty much given) and number two, he’s willing to utilize his hotness for the masses. I didn’t remember when was the last movie Jason Behr not shirtless in it. He is one of those actors who will continue to ooze heartthrob grade sexy juice until he’s at least 40. It’s been almost 9 years since Roswell and Jason has gone way up on my hotness scale.

I was going to cap Jason Behr from The Tattooist based on the infamous promo shots on the net a few months back but Superherofan has beaten me to it. Then I thought why fix something that isn’t broken right? Well, here is Jason Behr in all his lickable, well structured, beautiful, muscular glory from that movie capped by megacapper Superherofan. I’ve also made a few additional caps from Skinwalkers, another okay-ish movie he did before that, only this time sans tattoos and less shirtless time. More at his Jason Behr’s page including a couple of NSFW shots. I think the tattoo looks nice but perhaps he could have done with less. What do you think?

Jason Behr Shirtless

Jason Behr Shirtless

Jason Behr Shirtless

Jason Behr Shirtless

Jason Behr Shirtless

Jason Behr Shirtless

Jason Behr Shirtless

Jason Behr Shirtless

Can you believe how beautifully erect his nipples were? Now if only those were my fingers…

Jason Behr Shirtless

Jason Behr Shirtless

These are a rougher Bear from Skinwalkers. Somehow the long hair didn’t quite work for him although still SUPER HOT.

Jason Behr in Skinwalkers

Somehow this shot reminds me of Jared Padalecki’s love scene in Supernatural. Definitely one of my favorite parts of a man!

Jason Behr Shirtless in Skinwalkers

Jason Behr Shirtless in Skinwalkers

Jason Behr Shirtless in Skinwalkers

Jason Behr Shirtless in Skinwalkers

Jason Behr Shirtless in Skinwalkers

Jason Behr Shirtless in Skinwalkers

Jason Behr Shirtless in Skinwalkers

Jason Behr in Skinwalkers

Jason Behr in Skinwalkers

Jason Behr Shirtless in Skinwalkers

Jason Behr Shirtless in Skinwalkers

Jason Behr Shirtless in Skinwalkers

  • Vicki Rogers

    OMGGGGGGGG Jason Behr is sooooooo HOTTT HOTTT HOTTT, i fell in love with him in the movie Skin Walkers, I watch it every night before i go to bed!!!

  • KarmaLysing

    Holy crap!!!!

    I found him way too boyish and fey in “Roswell”. Clearly he am all growed up now.

    JAYsus… I’ll be in my bunk…

  • Jssy104

    My Goodness, Me!!! 😡

    Square–is there really such a thing as TOO MUCH tattoo work? Not in my book. As long as they don’t mar their face, it’s good with me…..actually its beyond good in my book:p

  • Virtue

    All. Grown. Up. He’s burning, smokin’, flaming hot! I can feel the heat from here! And those tattoos are just Meow! He’s a bit too beefed up but those amazing tattoos overshadow that. HOT.

  • Psiwire

    I’ve actually had my eye on him since “Push” a short lived series from a year or two before “Roswell” and I’ve always thought he was incredibly sexy. I agree with Jssy, there’s no such thing as too many tattoos on the right type of hottie.

  • It’s a bit obvious that he was a bit beefy in Tattooist compared to Skinwalkers. But it’s AMAZING how he maintained his body like that after all these years! I have to agree with you guys about those tattoos, it’s a bit much for me at the back but with Jason, who cares right?

  • very hot , very handsome!!he is hotter with short hair!!!!his body is perfect….i want to kiss him everywhere on his body

  • Rickg

    He’s always been a crotch mover for me….

  • Milton

    😡 DEAR SWEET JESUS!!! This man is too hot! He could wear a Bro, or Manzierre, & STILL exude nothing but mailness. His pecs are FANTASTIC!!!
    (nice side-shoots of them, Squairehippies!)

  • Christopher

    What a find? He is totally HOT and GORGEOUS. I would love to get HOT and SWEATY with him….OOOOOOPPPPPPSSSS just drooled all over my computer!!!! Ha Ha Ha

  • behrbabefan

    I never understood how people could find Jason “boyish” in Roswell when he’s maintained the exact same body structure for well over 10 years. The man is built like a Greek God. Too bad you don’t have the German DVD Version of Skinwalkers, because if you like his arms and torso, you’d LOVE is ass. Even Stan Winston, the make-up artist/special effects for Skinwalkers said that Jason has a great ass (that coming from a straight man), I have to agree.:x

  • I think many of us refer to him as boyish just because he hasn’t change much since Roswell. That alone kinda preserve his status as a teenage heartthrob, for like eternity. That’s not a bad thing tho.

    About Behr’s derrier, well actually I have those caps, but since this is a work safe website, unforch I have to pass. Great ass comment coming from a straight man? That hottie has the power to turn any straight guy gay I tell ya. 🙂

  • tina

    u look cute in short hear

  • angel eyes

    Could this boy be any hotter? God damn…………..

  • con^FuSed

    I’ve died and gone to heaven. GIMME HIM!!!!

  • max

    ahh yes,Jason,I’ve loved this sexy man since Roswell

  • HoffmanAddict

    He is REALLY HOT! But I would have liked to see him without his tatoos.. those are a BIG turn-off for me..

  • maria

    mmm….pero q rico valeeeeee¡¡¡ mmm quien fuera loba¡

  • Betty

    He is really hot especially with his shirt off

  • sirpsionicist

    I really don’t care for the people who feel they have to enhance themselves by
    becoming a walking billboard for someone elses attempts at ART.

    If their own artistry does not say enough about who and what they are, then I
    guess I was right to avoid contaminating my persona with their association.


  • I am a gay fan of Jason Behr he is so HOT He has a well Built Muscle tone body I do like him with those tatoos on him musclaer tone body I hope he should be voted in one of the top ten hottest TV< MOVIE YOUNG STARS He was wonderfull in Roswell too when he was shirtless.

  • robertg

    For a movie titled “The Tattooist” it’s likely most of that ink is fake, for purposes of the film. Done all the time. As is covering up real tattoos when they would be too distracting. If there are pix of Mr. Behr shirtless with his collection of the real thing, then what’s shown here can be compared. My guess is, much less.

  • LaNae

    Wow. I did not even recognize him as the goofy hunk from Roswell. IN LOVE AGAIN. I like him all scruffy and dirty

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