Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson Shirtless

Isn’t Joshua Jackson just the cutest little thing? There’s something so mischievous about him, but he has such a sweet smile he could probably get away with murder. Honestly, Joshua is the main reason I could put up with the whining of giant-headed James Van Der Beek for six years on “Dawson’s Creek”. Unfortunately he never seemed to get his shirt off enough on that show. Luckily he’s still boyishly handsome well into his twenties and seems to be more willing to show a little skin in the indie movies he’s been making over the last few years.

While Joshua’s gotten a little shirtless love in a couple of other posts (Eric Mabius & Brad Renfro) I thought it was time he had his own entry. These caps are from “Lone Star State Of Mind”, a surprising decent caper comedy.

  • OMG finally we have Pacey! Joshua for me is the perfect guy for snuggle sessions, his body is not that lean or anything, just soft and pleasant to the touch (and taste). And yeah, he probably can get away with murder by his smile alone. 😉

  • nicole

    yea i always like pacey more than dawson. besides he’s alot hotter than van der beek and that sexy deep voice will get you everytime. plus i’ve loved him since the mighty ducks.

  • Katrina

    The only thing I remember about Dawson’s Creek was my sister shouting “Pacey take your shirt off!”

  • Jssy104

    I will take a Pacey over a whiney obnoxious Dawson ANYDAY!!!! I love Josh Jackson….he is so cuddly adorable

  • He sure looks cuter by the day, even though he’s still got that boyish look. I liked Pacey better than Dawson as well. Joshua is adorable in this caps. Way to go!

  • Sum Yung Gai

    “Pacey”? What’s all of this “Pacey” business? Are you people speaking of CHARLIE who stole my heart in “The Mighty Ducks”?

  • Cheza

    I think I just died and went to heaven.

  • dandean

    love him on Fringe!!! now i hope he’ll do some shirtless action there

  • lietz

    this man boy gives me man wood

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