Matthew Goode

Matthew Goode Shirtless

While I’ve caught fleeting glances of Matthew Goode shirtless in movies like “Chasing Liberty” and “Imagine You And Me”, it wasn’t until I happened on the movie “South Of Granada” (capped here) that I got to see Matthew in all his glory. With his slim build, undeniable British charm and perhaps the most beautiful green eyes I’ve ever seen, this is one actor I want to see plenty more of in the future, especially in the upcoming film adaptation of the “Watchmen” graphic novel.

While I didn’t particularly like the blond hair Matthew sported in “Granada” the movie’s numerous hot sex scenes and the views of Matthew’s full front and back more than made up for it. If I had to recommend one movie from Goode’s oeuvre it would have to be the sweet lesbian romance “Imagine You And Me”.

  • Wow. I kinda remembered Matthew in Chasing Liberty but he totally looks different with blond hair! I agree that he should keep his dark locks because that combined with his mesmerizing green eyes, is pretty much orgasmic. That being said, there’s a bit of redheadness in some shots that I actually might have enjoyed it somehow. 😉

  • robert

    I knew matthew goode was going to hit the big time when i saw him in chasing liberty! This guy is one beautiful man! WHAT A HUNK! Lets see mor of him,and his body?

  • sassywench

    I love the picture where he is draped in the flag holding the beer. I had the Interview magazine that appeared in and almost pinned it up on my wall!

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  • KarmaLysing

    Green eyed Celts… Drool…

  • firdaus

    i like him so if u kind can u call me?i know u so famous but if delight to come malaysia pls call me 017-9526051.i like ur good u.i big fans of u.

  • agrees, but with this it can not be helped, it is in their blood

  • sunshine

    i think next year he should do his body because hes not hunk enough for me

    i suggest that he worked to gym to earn more ”abs” like all other american hunk actors but its just my suggestion hope you will recognize it it would be better for him that he have hunk body.

  • will jay

    just saw chasing liberty in my country….he is damn hot back then.i like this type of hot…he may not have the perfect body but i think i love him already.

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