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Matthew Rhys Shirtless

Okay, I have to admit I don’t think Matthew Rhys is the sexist regular cast member on “Brothers & Sisters”, but he is a close second. ( Balthazar Getty is clearly the sexist but they’re not giving us many good shirtless scenes of him. ) Matthew is plenty cute though and has a much better body then I would have guessed. Plus he gets to make out with a rotating cast of cute guest stars, so that’s hot.

Since I’ve never seen him in anything other than “Brothers & Sisters” I was surprised when I looked him up on Wikipedia and discovered that he’s actually British. I bet he has a cute little accent, but he does an excellent job of hiding it. Another interesting factoid: Matthew is ‘best friends’ with ‘Mr Fantastic’ Ioan Gruffudd and the two lived together for ten years.

  • David

    Come to pappa!

  • Dan

    He is cute, but Rob Lowe is the hottest cast member!

  • QCNiceGuy

    I agree that Rob Lowe is the cutest. I do like Matthew’s hairy chest but beyond that, e does not have that much appeal to me.

  • Meghan

    What about Dave Annable?! (Justin) He is clearly the best looking cast member (although I like Rob Lowe as well). How about some photos of him?

  • sassywench

    He’s hot as in your best friend’s dad kind of hot.

  • Psiwire

    Dave Annable has a cute face, but he’s kinda scrawny and bird-chested. I can’t believe I’m the only one who thinks Balthazar Getty is the hot one. I’ve been watching him for almost 20 years, ever since I had a ‘special moment’ as a young boy while watching “Lord Of The Flies”. And he (like I) has only gotten hotter with age. Rob Lowe has never really done anything for me. He seems kind of smug and his face is awfully girlish and I have a hard time putting his unfortunate ’80s hair out of my mind. I watched the entire first season of “Brother & Sisters” again over 2 days while getting these caps and I have to say I was shocked to find myself thinking Matthew Rhys was actually hotter then Jason Lewis (The Absolut Hunk from “Sex In The City”). Lewis has a great body, but he’s looking awfully haggard in the face these days, almost sickly.

  • I have to agree that compared to Matt Rhys, Rob Lowe’s facial features are somewhat feminine. There’s no doubt that this guy is a real man’s man. And yeah, Jason Lewis doesn’t age that gracefully. He looks very different from his delicious self in Sex and the City.

  • KarmaLysing

    Psi – I’ve lusted after Balthazaar Getty for YEARS. He’s kinda stingy about going shirtless, sadly, although I did find some shirtless pics of him from one of his early performances, and posted them in a thread in the Forum in the “TV Actors” section.

    Matt Rhys has a sweet face, and he’s built more like someone you’d meet in real life, but I still likes me some Getty.

  • Metcalfe

    This is nice, but I prefer Balthazar…

    I also liked the hot blonde guy who played Rob Lowe’s brother/gay preacher

  • Matt

    Balthazar is such a cool name. Kinda funny that he played in Charmed where there was a demon character called Balthazor which was played by another total hottie Julian McMahon. Ok well the human form Cole was played by Julian but still. Speaking of Charmed that brings to mind Brian Krause and Drew Fuller. I think those two were pretty cute but I’m getting off on a tangent so um…yeah.

    Rhys is hot. hehe.

  • Matt

    Ok so after seeing these pictures I found and read the very very long bio they have on there. I just thought I had to share this quote he gave about working out.

    “On working out? “Oh my God. The first time Jason Lewis took his top off, I ran to the gym. You can bring in your washing and do it on his abdominals. But I come from a British sensibility, where we actually like to make the audience feel better about themselves, so we don’t work out very much.” (Laughing)”

    I gotta say that more natural build as opposed to the overly pumped build is something I find totally sexy.

  • KarmaLysing

    Okay, he’s droll and British as well??!?!?! Come HERE laddie…

  • kevin_fan

    Well, I must be the only one who thinks MR is the sexiest cast member on B&S. I admit, early on he wasn’t anything special with the ’80s hair, but once he got it trimmed…OH BOY!

  • Glória

    I think Matt is the sexyest man in B&S, no doubt of that!
    he looks HOOOOTTT! I love him very much and I think he’s a very good actor too. He’s cute, a nd sexy and HOT!

  • Rhys is Welsh, not British. Call him a Brit and he’d probably spit at you *g*

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  • David

    Matt Rhys can bend me over and plow my acreage anytime he wants…here’s a HOT idea for a porn….a 4some with Matt, Balthazar, Rob and ME!!!! Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, thats some sticky honey for my tummy!!!!

  • Dave

    I have to agree with you, Balthazar does look the best to me, he looks cute and sexy at the same time. Then it goes Matthew Rhys, hes cute with a nice body (love the chest hair) then David Annable. Thats just how I like my men. 🙂

  • NYUgradstudent

    Hi all,
    I think Matt Rhys and Luke M. are the hottest guys on B & S. Matt Rhys is very cute, his face isn’t perfect, but he has amazing eyes and his imperfections actually make him hotter, for me anyway. I don’t know who’s hotter Matt or Luke, right now I’m hotter for Matt, but it keeps changing. Baltz. Getty never ever did it for me, but most of my friends are really hot for him. David A. has a cute face, but not too attracted to him. Yah, Rob Lowe looks kind of femmy, his symmetry is almost too perfect. Hey ! Let’s not forget Uncle Sal, he’s way hot for an old guy, I bet 20 years ago, he was the hottest one of all 🙂

  • Complex

    All 3 of the brothers are Hot in there own way. Although Matthew probably does have the best body, I gotta got with PSI and say Balthazar is the hottest. He’s so sexy. And his scarred eyebrow just adds more sexy.
    And yeah.. they definitely don’t show enough skin on this show. But I kinda respect them for it.. cuz they’re going more for substance than sex appeal.

  • Doug

    I’d have to say Balthazar is the hottest on B&S, I mean honestly who wouldn’t fall for his amazing looks? The scar does definitely add to it also… And yea, all 3 of the brothers are hot in different ways, but by far Balthazar is the hottest. There was the one shower scene in Season one with Julia that Balthazar was in, it didnt show much, but its better than nothing, and there have been a few shirtless pics ive found of him, not many though…

  • KMac


    Technically, if a guy is Welsh he is also British.. (He may not FEEL British but he is….

    Just like a Californian is also an American


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