Matthew Rhys

Matthew Rhys Shirtless

Okay, I have to admit I don’t think Matthew Rhys is the sexist regular cast member on “Brothers & Sisters”, but he is a close second. ( Balthazar Getty is clearly the sexist but they’re not giving us many good shirtless scenes of him. ) Matthew is plenty cute though and has a much better body then I would have guessed. Plus he gets to make out with a rotating cast of cute guest stars, so that’s hot.

Since I’ve never seen him in anything other than “Brothers & Sisters” I was surprised when I looked him up on Wikipedia and discovered that he’s actually British. I bet he has a cute little accent, but he does an excellent job of hiding it. Another interesting factoid: Matthew is ‘best friends’ with ‘Mr Fantastic’ Ioan Gruffudd and the two lived together for ten years.

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