Mike Vogel

Mike Vogel Shirtless

I first saw a piece of hotness called Mike Vogel in Texas Chainsaw Massacre along with Eric Balfour and super fit Jonathan Tucker (which was styled adorkable in that movie) and I thought, damn this boy is hot! But in a sort of boyish teenage heartthrob kind of way. Have you guys seen him on the cover of February issue of Men’s Health magazine? This totally proves that the transition between boy next door to super manly hunk is possible with some facial scruff and a bit more hours in the gym!

Unfortunately, just as other super hot men featured in Men’s Health, there’s like zero shirtless shots of him in there. What a friggin’ tease! For now we’re glad to have these shirtless pictures of gorgeous Mike Vogel from the movie Havoc. Have you guys noticed that most of his roles are like the super sexual boyfriend? Well except for that After Dark movie, of course. I guess that’s a good thing for me! You guys can see more of Vogel hotness in upcoming movie, Cloverfield which opens next week.

Mike Vogel Shirtless

Mike Vogel Shirtless

Mike Vogel Shirtless

Mike Vogel Shirtless

Mike Vogel Shirtless

Mike Vogel Shirtless

Mike Vogel Shirtless

Mike Vogel Shirtless

Mike Vogel Shirtless

Mike Vogel Shirtless

Texas Chainsaw Hotties

Texas Chainsaw 2 Hotties

Shirtless Texas Chainsaw Massacre hotties sequence complete. Blast off!

  • Milton

    :d Mike Vogel could make a straight man gay…or at least, curious.
    Now how about more Taylor Handley.As usual, great site.
    PS More shirtless Mike Vogel, preferrably, sitting up-right.

  • Psiwire

    Great minds think alike, Square. Or maybe we just get our Men’s Health on the same day? 😕 I just put down a couple of this guys movies on my Netflix queue. You’re right though MH are a bunch of goddamn teases. That’s why you have to get Exercise for Men Only for real spankin’ material.

  • sassywench

    He was cute as Andy in TCM. How could Leatherface have sawed his leg off and hang him on a meathook is beyond me! I think he looks very handsome on his Men’s Health cover. Too bad he kept his shirt on!

  • Other than the closeup of the nipples, I have to agree these shirtless angles of him kinda suck.

    I don’t know what’s the deal with MH. I guess they don’t want to be labeled as the shirtless celebs magazine, while to showcase that the cover guy is actually ‘healthy’ material, you need to show off the body right? Even GQ has their guy take it off at times.

    Oh, well, can’t wait for more Vogel hotness from you, Psi! We can never have too much pretty here!

    sassy, the fact that Leatherface didn’t strip him naked in TCM still boggles me to this day. :))

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  • Jssy104

    Somehow I see the need for a “Shirtless and Tied Up In A Horror Movie” post coming…seems like a viable theme…

  • KarmaLysing

    Jssy – ROCK ON!!! 🙂

    Mr. Vogel is… Well… Edible… heh.

  • Jake

    OMG thts all i can say OMG!!!

  • Metcalfe

    I love me some Vogel!! The dancing scene in “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” where you just see some chest and at one point some nipple is one of the hottest scnees I’ve seen…with the girl trying to seduce him. Can’t blame her…I’d try to seduce Vogel as well…

  • meh

    where are shirtless pics from

  • Metcalfe

    Just watched “Deaths of Ian Stone” starring Vogel the other night – there are some great shirtless scenes in the middle of the movie….this guy continues to get hotter as he ages…would love to see a “Vogel 2” section on this site with some of the “Deaths/Stone” scene caps on it.

  • Metcalfe

    I’m on a Vogel movie kick right now – just watched “Havoc” and “Wuthering Heights” in the last few days…..this guy just screams sexy to me….I haven’t been this turned on by an actor in a long, long time….neither of these were good movies – but when he was on the screen, it was amazing….some great shirtless caps in “Wuthering Heights” (even if you have to suffer along with the movie itself) … move Vogel on here….please!

  • Metcalfe

    As part of my continiuing Vogel movie quest, I recently watched Poseidon and Caffeine.

    Poseidon is a fun adventure movie (with no emphasis on characters, unfortunately). Vogel looks great throughout, but it’s the only movie he’s done so far that I’ve seen that has no shirtless scenes.

    Caffeine is a cute little comedy/drama – not great, not horrible…Vogel is fun to watch in the movie, but only has a brief shirtless scene..still, was worth watching both to get a glimpse of Vogel

  • Metcalfe

    Just caught “Grind” last night…while not a great movie, Vogel had a winning personality in it….and a great shirtless scene at the beginning of the movie.

  • Tad

    OMG, he is HOT! Even run out of words while talking to him in person. I’m a little bit distracted coz i can’t resist not to look on his crotch (gifted indeed). I’m going to see him again on wednesday with Eric Mabius & Hilarie Burton.

  • scotty

    Which movie that Vogel has a sexscene? (from above)

  • Do some of you guys even bother to read whatever stuff we wrote? Gosh, people!

  • Harry

    God I love orgasm scenes – those pictures are effing hot.

  • Complex

    Good God!! This man is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • Danny

    Yeah, Mike Vogel is truly HOT – he’s absolutely amazing. Ranks right up there with Jensen Ackles on the hotness scale (I mean at the top)!

    The best “shirtless shots” I’ve seen of him are in 2003’s “Wuthering Heights,” (as was mentioned above by Metcalfe). The movie really kinda sucks, but I’ve wateched it 3 times just becuase of Mike. He’s just so beautiful – and WH was made around the same time as TTCM, and he’s sporting that unshaved, long-haired ragamuffin look that I love. Thank God he didn’t get his leg sawed off and hung on a meat hook in WH, though! That part of TTCM makes it hard to watch ~

  • Paz.

    I would like to know that Mike Vogel movie comes out oral sex. I can not find it, if someone can help me. Thank you very much.

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