Separated at Birth: Casey Affleck & Frankie Muniz

Casey Affleck and Frankie Muniz

Is it the blue eyes? The brows? Probably the nose and the heart shaped face? The resemblance is there, whatever it is. Which one would you take home, Casey Affleck or Frankie Muniz? I’ll take the one on the left to go please, with eyes closed. Casey Affleck might win the lean and scrawny award but Frankie Muniz looks a bit weird and unkempt now (but still okay to shag I guess). 🙂

  • deej

    😕 Can’t figure out the shagability aspect of Muniz…just not at all sexy to me. I could definitely have a case on Casey though.

  • I think Muniz is shagable at times but compared to Casey, he’s no contest. But I do know a lot of people think he’s very cute and attractive.

  • David

    They definately look like they could be brothers, when you see them side by side like that. I think Frankie will look like he does not in another 30 years.

  • It’s true, which on paper is great because aging sucks but in real life Muniz would look super weird. Oh well, at least he got tons of money to burn. 😉

  • nicole

    Frankie is cute, but Casey is a man. Casey is hot and so much more delectable than Frankie and his brother, Ben.
    Casey for me all the way. And may I say I love SQUAREHIPPIES!

  • Jazz

    Frankie, hes more my age lol.

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