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Steve Howey Shirtless

I popped in the movie “Supercross” thinking that I might be able to find a couple of shirtless Mike Vogel pics that Square had missed, but this movie turned out to be an embarrassment of riches. Not only did Mike Vogel have several shirtless scenes (as well as several nice tank-top moments), but the real break-out shirtless star of the movie was Steve Howey, who I had only ever seen on the show “Reba”. There’s something a little goofy about him, but who cares when he’s built like this?

Another extremely hot guy who I’ve never heard of appears in this movie sans shirt: Tyler Evans. I assume he’s some sort of actual motorcycle rider since he uses his own name. Paradoxically the only person who doesn’t get shirtless in this flick is Channing Tatum. WTF?! Channing Tatum doesn’t take his shirt off… was this filmed in Bizarro World?! …Check out more Mike Vogel and Tyler Evans in the forum.

  • Holy crap, I have to fess up here. As gorgeous as Mike Vogel can be, Steve Howey is TOTALLY my type of guy. He got a bit of Mark McGrath qualities, sans hideous tattoos and it’s friggin’ HAWT. Def a 5 for me!

  • Jssy104

    LOL…..I worked for K Mart when “reba” had a clothing line there….I stole all 5 life size cardboard cut outs of this man *blush*:”>

  • sassywench

    I didn’t realize he was on the Reba show. He’s hot, but does it look like he shaves him arms and chest, or is it just me? Either way, he’s cute.

  • Lee21

    Steve Howey is SO SEXY!!!

  • EJ

    I’ve had very strong feelings for Steve Howey for years… Only saw one or two other shirtless pics until now. Love the pics and will have to check out the movie. He’s one guy who makes me swoon. Gay rumors I’ve heard about but who cares… such eye candy. Much rather look at him than Mike Vogel, too. Thanks for including Steve here! Yum! 😡

  • KarmaLysing

    I can predict he’s going to do a “Dermot Mulroney” and only get hotter as he gets older… Wow.

  • Lee7892

    I really hope Steve Howey gets on another TV show. it is great to watch him. is is a very hawt guy.

  • ashley


  • max

    yes,he is hot & sexy

  • Ben gerçekten mike vogel’i bu halde görüceğim aklıma gelmezdi beni hayal kırıklığına uğrattı sakal ona hiç yakışmamış mike vogel genç ama düşüncesizce davranışlarda bulunuyor filmlerine bakılırsa onda pek oyunculuk yeteneği yok bence.

  • Yum!

    He is hot!

  • Ashley


  • ivana

    kako je zgodan

  • ivana

    steve howey ja prezgodan i ima najboli smisao za humor u rebi

  • Matt

    Steve Howey is very cute. he’s one of the only reasons I watch the Reba re-runs. Their was that one episode where he was shirtless and it was so amazing. He should get another show he’s great eye candy!

  • Arnold

    dear steve howey
    you are very sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyy an cute an handsome

    from Arnold larson

  • DeVo

    I like your fan:) Have a nice day

  • SE

    just got another erection

  • Anna

    omg he is SO hot!!!

  • mt

    I found a clip of his little PeePee the other day. Even though I can’t remember where it was, it’s out there. Happy hunting y’all

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