Thomas Dekker

Thomas Dekker Shirtless

I have to thank Karma for acknowledging that this hottie existed. I’m a big fan of curly hair and tall guys in other words James Morrison and Jon McLaughlin types (okay, they’re both singers of which I’m DYING to see shirtless but hey). In case you know jack about sports like me, Thomas Dekker is a Dutch professional cyclist. He’s like 6’2″ (but not photographed as tall), has a gorgeous lean body and seems to exude all the boyish qualities in the world.

Thomas Dekker has represented his country in 2004 Olympics and debuted in Tour de France last year. These gorgeous black and white pictures are the works of renowned Dutch photographer Ewoud Broeksma, notorious for his portrayal of hot athletes in and out of their outfits (literally). Couple of these are quite not work safe, so I’ve posted them at Karma’s original post at the forums. Check out some of Ewoud’s works at his official website. It’s in Dutch but doesn’t take a rocket scientist to navigate through the pictures. 🙂

Thomas Dekker Shirtless

Thomas Dekker Shirtless

Thomas Dekker Shirtless

Thomas Dekker

  • KarmaLysing

    He’s so cute, you just want to take him home and feed him cookies. And then see if what they say about cyclists’ stamina is true… And then feed him some more cookies… And then repeat… ummm… Repeatedly…

  • Uncle Dennis

    Sandles with socks??? This boy needs “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”. Other than that, damn he’s HOT.

  • LOL Karma, I love your cookie gestures!

  • Dr Johnny

    he needs to be fed a few burgers and given a bath !! throw him back in the sea — too scrawny to eat !!

  • phil

    pic # 2…lower, lower…lol:”>

  • Vicki Rogers

    dang he is hot hot hot!

  • pchan

    I confused him with the Thomas Dekker from Heroes/The Sarah Jane Chronicles.

  • You mean Sarah Connor Chronicles right.. I’m sure he’ll take off his shirt sooner or later in an episode.

  • Dewey Mee

    I have seen the BODY– The NAVEL– that is MALE PERFECTION!! They belong to Thomas Dekker!!!!!!!:)

  • melissa

    thomas dekker in the sarah conner chronicals is much hotter than this dude. when i first saw these pics i was sooo confused and started to think he was gay! lol. but ya he is really cute & a lot of girls would kil to get next to him. hahaha & im ashamed to say that im one of them.

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