Zac Efron in High School Musical 2

Zac Efron Shirtless in High School Musical 2

I know some of you boys and girls would love to see more of Zac Efron skin. His level of pretty might be a turn on or turn off for anyone. For me, I’m kinda on the fence. I like pretty boys, but this one is a bit too much of a good thing. Again, this site is not all about me so by request, these shirtless pictures of Zac Efron are from where else, “High School Musical 2” capped by our favorite hunk capper, Brett Stewart. Enjoy the prettiness, guys!

For previously featured Zac Efron’s prettiness, go here. By the way, I did a search for this hottie in this site and I was surprised how many of my posts were related to Zac. 🙂 You can’t deny the Zefron!

Zac Efron Shirtless in High School Musical 2

I wonder what Zac looks like without his infamous boy bangs.

  • Marshmallow

    He’s got a nice body, though, and he has amazing blue eyes but… Make him stop using that coverup make-up!! He’s got unpure skin? What the heck! I don’t care. He’s the boyish good-looking guy that every young girl dreams of. But I’d like to see him just after he wakes up in the morning, with no make-up or his hair being set for hours.

  • Sexy


  • Siden

    There is something in his face (specially around the eyes) that seems fake, he is hot, but I can’t see his eyes before something screams, wrong.

    Like KarmaLysing said, something about him is not organic.

  • Who cares if he’s been circumcised? or wot the size of his manhood is? shallow! U ppl who criticize Zac, y do u bother commenting? it’s not worth it.

  • Curtis

    Zac is totally HOT! I think he will be the next Brad Pitt, once he gets into more movies and do some serious acting instead of all the musicals which are good by the way, I would like to see him in a good dramatic role with a very hot love scene between him and another hot guy. He is so hot. I agree with you Dan, I would do the same thing, I bet it would be so sweet!! just like sugar LOL.

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  • Hera

    i personally dont find him attractive..despite every girl i know loves him

  • LuvLuvLuv

    I think that he doesn’t have chest hair, and that he shaves his “happy trail” if he has one…

    (Which he might not…)

  • Joanna

    Zac Efron is so0o0o0o0o HOT but I like him without Vanessa I prefer him with Ashley…!!!

  • salut sa va bein toi je taime bye de mélissa

  • he`s so hot

  • shag-ablezac

    I’d love to take a bath with him…

  • Guess_Whooooom

    If you don’t mind could U send me that pic too? Would be greatly appr’d.

  • Who the fuck needs to know?!

    Joanna … you are insane! Ashley’s a bitch, Vanessa is SOOOOO much better with ZEfron than her! He is one of the sexiest bitches I’ve ever seen! Aside from Vince Azzopardi:

    Check the link and leave me a comment!!!!!

  • well i think zac is 100% sexy i love him he has the most beautiful bobdie ever and the most beautiful eyes he is hotttttt i love u zac

  • joshy

    Hi – FYI – When Zak was in London he was doing a few interviews at the BBC (Radio 1) just of Porchester Terrace. I was sitting in the lobby when he and some others came to the lobby. Whilst they were hanging about Zack nipped to the toilet. I gave it a couple of seconds and follwed him in there. There are only two urinals so stood in the one next to him. I gave a look and I can confirm the folllowing…..1) He has a cut cock – he gave it a good squeez at the end to shake off the dropps and there was NO foreskin…..2) He pulls his balls out of the top of his boxers when he pisses – I could see his hairy balls hanging over the elastic of his boxers where he had unbuttoned his jeans and belt….3) He has a cute Bell-end with a thick rim….4) he must not fully shave down there as I could see some dark brown fuzzy pubes as well.
    By pretending to cratch my neck, by lifting my arm up next to my head, I managed to get a good long look without him spotting my gaze.
    Trust me lads & girls, it was a notmal looking cock, not above average, but very cute!!

  • MiimowSexboy


  • Sampack

    I need to see nude pic too send to me

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