Zac Efron in High School Musical 2

Zac Efron Shirtless in High School Musical 2

I know some of you boys and girls would love to see more of Zac Efron skin. His level of pretty might be a turn on or turn off for anyone. For me, I’m kinda on the fence. I like pretty boys, but this one is a bit too much of a good thing. Again, this site is not all about me so by request, these shirtless pictures of Zac Efron are from where else, “High School Musical 2” capped by our favorite hunk capper, Brett Stewart. Enjoy the prettiness, guys!

For previously featured Zac Efron’s prettiness, go here. By the way, I did a search for this hottie in this site and I was surprised how many of my posts were related to Zac. 🙂 You can’t deny the Zefron!

Zac Efron Shirtless in High School Musical 2

I wonder what Zac looks like without his infamous boy bangs.

  • KarmaLysing

    He’s pretty. He’s beautifully built. He has lovely eyes. And I still expect to catch a glimpse of the well-concealed pull-string or wind-up key….

    There’s just something not quite organic about him…

  • QCNiceGuy

    While he is a pretty “boy”, I prefer the handsome “man” such as James Marsden.

  • The duck Hunter

    When is he going to get naked so we can see that beatiful bubbly butt? :p:p:

  • Jonsieboy

    I have a theory
    he used to be a woman
    if you look at him like that you’ll see that he is rather womanly

  • will

    Zac’s BIGGEST fan, I would LOVE to see that pic!

  • phil

    Zac’s BIGGEST fan…ME TOO!!!…

  • zac is the most stupid actor and the uglyest to

  • Lee21

    Don’t get me wrong Zac is hot, but he doesn’t even compare to James Marsden.

  • I love him, he’s so cute and those blue eyes!
    But he need hairy chest and navel

  • sassywench

    He’s cute, but too pretty for me. I bet he spends more time on his hair than I do and he looks like he wears false eyelashes. He does have a nice build, but I think I’ll check back with him when he’s about 26.

  • David

    I think he is one chromosome away from being a woman, way to faggy for me.



  • alex


  • Milton

    😕 I don’t believe that anybody has naked pics of Zac that are available on the Internet (I wish that it were true.)
    I think he’s sexy;some guys need hair,some guys don’t. I personally think that the camera also adds at least 5 lbs. ,so he’s probbaly a bit slimmer in person, but he’s still got a nice build.

  • monzy

    meh..i dislike him, he is so pampered, im pretty sure he uses fake eyelashes and im pretty sure he waxes his chest. yuck

  • Hrern1313

    zacs BIGGEST fan my email is

  • ch3v4li3r

    Well, it can’t kill us to try… would you please send it to

    mknt8o3ftsfexg8 [at] jetable [dot] org

    please ? Thanks 🙂

  • yummyzac

    I have never seen a girl that has six pack like Zac. He is absolutely gourgeous. Check out the Rolling Stone picture. He is developing some nice chest and tummy hair. Yummy!

  • yummyzac, you have might have just accidentally made the funniest comment of the day. :))

  • Tia

    Ugh I have to see this naked pic my email is

  • I love Zac Efron. He is so hott. I could lick his abs.

  • i dont think i know zac is gay and i herd he isgoing out with corbin blu

  • I love Zac Efron. He is so hott!

  • D

    send it this way.

  • sam

    i want it 2…

  • rhettnotbrett

    Can you send me the pic please!!!

  • N……..

    REALLY, i dont believe u actually hav those pics… proof me, k? but im not sure, coz i dont give away my e-mail easily……..:-?

  • N……..

    Ok ,wait… wud any1 tell me whether it’s true or not??? Has ANYBODY gotten that pic???

  • scorpius

    no it isn’t zac. where are the infamous nipples underneath his regular ones? hehe

  • N……..

    there is NO search box at the bottom!

  • There is. Look carefully, it’s right here down here.

  • jack
  • zac is the cutest!! he is not only cute but he is sexy. i love him most when his shirt is off!

  • Ana

    Guess wht I know that zac is totally gay I mean can’t anybody tell by just looking at him.
    I swear I can’t w8 till he dies and burns in the firey depths of hell.
    I bet u he’s a narcasist and for u blondes tht means in love with themself.

  • charmane edwards

    hi zac is so drop dead sexy its unreal

  • Thanks for sharing

  • Ali

    he is getting hotter and hotter everyday
    he can do so much better then Vanessa Hudgens

  • D

    I think he is hot, but there are other guys much hotter than him. he’s still a baby

  • ssDJ

    Hey I Am New here.ZAC’s biggest fan can i also have that pic.My ID is

  • Dan

    I want to gargle with his freshly squirted, hot, thick white before I swallow it.

  • jj

    zac efron is so hot i wish i could makeout with him

  • He maybe good looking, but isn’t it obvious he’s a girly guy? I mean have you not seen the way he walks and dances during the ‘Bet On It’ song sequence on HSM 2? Euwww… And he can’t even sing! Why didn’t Disney Channel just take Drew Seeley for the role as Troy. He’s better looking…and can really sing!

  • alaina

    omg!! i love zac!! can u break up with vanessa and go out with me??? and could u guys send taht pic 2 me??

  • samia

    tuest le mec dont toutes les femme en rève si tu veux que je t’ envoi mon mon blog du maroctu te conecte

  • amanda

    i heard zac has a circumcised penis??? but it’s 8 inches

  • alex

    how long is zac?

  • Johna

    Zac Efron is a total hottie!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you hottie!!!!!Will you marry me?

  • carol

    DELICIUS !! 😛

  • carol

    HOT HOT HOT (6)

  • so on hot so sexy, I just wanna make love with him!!!! Wanna see his total nude pictures

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