Chad Bartley

Chad Bartley Shirtless

I’ve only seen Chad Bartley in one movie (which I think is probably all he’s done), but I thought he was cute enough to warrant a post. He sort of reminds me of a beefy version of Jesse Metcalfe, only gay(er). The movie is “Phoenix”, which is mediocre fare, even by gay cinema standards. The best part of this flick is in the caps below.

  • Great find! He does look A LOT like Jesse Gaycalfe, but a lot less pretty and more shagable. Can someone please give this boy a decent job? This reminds me a lot of James Ferris a while ago which currently is getting some nice acting gigs. All the best to this undiscovered hottie!

  • sassywench

    Cute, but you can tell he shaves his chest much like his doppleganger.

  • knockout

    I totaly agree much more shagable.

  • David

    He looks like Jesse Metcalf, and there both faggy chest shavers to boot.

  • KarmaLysing

    Does he wear any facial expression in the entire move that isn’t a petulant pout?!??!!!

  • Psiwire

    uh… no.

  • lil2much

    He is sooo F****** HOT!

  • amazed1234

    he’s so hot!!!!! i wanna lick him from ehad to toe! thank god he shaves it all off…i like a bald eagle!

  • amazedbychad

    soooo hot i want to lick his shaved chest

  • KW

    Wow, looks a lot like Metcalfe, thought he looked like someone I knew of…As an actor myself, who spends most days on set, he was probably asked to shave his chest, as these movies try to apply to what the masses like/wanna see. And in gay-orientated films, it seems that it is more common to see the “clean shaven, clean cut.” On another note, I saw this film in Chicago while visiting, and thought the movie was not all that great, but Chad seems to have a great deal of talent as he came across mostly very natural, unlike some of the other main characters. As for the pout, it seems that was “the character.” He stood out…I’d be surprised if he doesn’t go on to do bigger things. He should…

  • Chad is hot!

    This guy is defintely hot. I’ll have to rent the movie because of him. I certainly hope he does more movies…

  • Andy

    I saw the movie, and yes, he seems to be the only really good thing in it. I hate to say this, but I loved it when he cried. He seemed so honest of his sadness

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