Chris Evans in London

Chris Evans Shirtless in London

If someone asks you to think of a beautiful man, it’s natural that you start making a list in your mind, and I bet you this list features Chris Evans. The most amazing detail about him is that he’s got a boyish face – with those incredibly well designed lips and those killer blue eyes – and a manly body, including a big hairy chest, wide shoulders and great arms. He is undeniably gorgeous. I can prove it with these caps from the movie “London”; he’s shirtless, he’s adorable, he’s hot, you’re gonna love it.

For more skin of Monsieur Pink Hairy Nipples than you and your friends can handle:

Chris Evans shirtless in London

Chris Evans shirtless in London

Chris Evans shirtless in London

Chris Evans shirtless in London

Chris Evans shirtless in London

Chris Evans shirtless in London

Chris Evans shirtless in London

Chris Evans shirtless in London

Chris Evans shirtless in London

Chris Evans shirtless in London

Chris Evans shirtless in London

Chris Evans shirtless in London

Chris Evans shirtless in London

Chris Evans shirtless in London

  • If there’s any guy at all that deserves FOUR friggin pages on this website, it’s definitely Chris Evans. He’s like the MASCOT of all shirtlessness (well at least for mainstream actors his age). Not to keen about the longish red hair but it’s nice to see Mr. Pinky Nips in a different style.

    Also, is it just me or is his chest hair seems to be less dense than usual? Anyways, congrats on your first site post, Joe!

  • David

    He needs to drop that friggin towel and right now!! What movie are these picture’s from, cause it’s on my MUST SEE list. Not only is he all the great things listed above, but he seems like a nice person as well with a good sense of humor.

  • He is the MAN!!!!!! I find him so attractive,so sexy,so hot,so man….his appearance is absolutely perfect… favourite!! otherwise i prefer him with short hair…..Lot of kisses Chris from Greece

  • almooose

    creams self

  • KarmaLysing

    Sadly, for the sake of the planet, Raoul Bova and Chris Evans are not allowed to be in one movie together, especially not shirtless, because the spontaneous ignition would cause the world to explode… JAYsus… He just keeps getting sexier…

  • Drew

    you know you’ve “got it” when no one wants to see you with a shirt on, right? Some guys–like Matt Damon, for instance–you can hardly get pics of without their shirts. With Chris Evans (my same last name, thank you very much, for what it’s worth–not that we have anything else in common–lol), almost the only way you see him in movies is WITHOUT A SHIRT, God bless him. What a hot, hot guy. Yow. Outstanding. Keep it up, Chris. And thanks.


    Simply love him…he’s the hottest sexiest man alive!!! I wonder, why can’t I copy the pictures anymore? Wish I had him in bed for a month!!!

  • Milton

    DEAR SWEET GOD Chris Evans is sooo sexy, he makes me not really mind that he smokes. He defintely IS smokin’!!! My favorite look is the buzzcut;manly, sexy.

  • damnnnn. keeps getting sexier. i love the little patch of hair on his cheat! so darn cute!

  • chris evans is my Future Lover!!
    my old man so hairy!

  • sassywench

    This just made my day! The scenes in the movie are so hot! Jessica Biel riding him and then asking if he’s about to….well you know! Hot hairy chest and cute face. Perfection! I love the sounds he makes during the sex scene with Miss Biel.

  • Joey

    oh my god, chris evans is the sexiest man on the planet. wow…

  • Christopher

    now i’m glad they named me christopher, at least we have something in common. would have loved to get common with him, without the towel……can only imagine……oh yeah

  • Yeah I really think you should be thankful, otherwise you’ll be getting unwanted attention like Adam Levine of I’m Not That Adam Levine LOL.

  • dreamerboy6

    If it werent for all those tattoos, Chris Evans might totally be my idea of perfection.

  • Lalaland

    zomg KILL ME he’s hot

  • May

    I’d like to be Jessica!!

    He is sooo hot, sexy, gorgeous, cute…………. omg!

    xx love Chris xx

  • I see they let him use his real skin mutilations. If he plays this anti-establishment non- appealing character, the tats will suit him fine.

  • ken

    hey should check Not Another Teen Movie where you could see his almost naked body.

  • Leah

    Holy mama I have to start watching more movies. I’d never heard of this guy before this site…before this minute…I’ll never be the same again.. hehe.

  • i want to make love with him 10 times

  • Chyna

    I prefer his hair short and him looking neat.. but yeah 🙂

  • Emmitte Hill


  • Camilo

    ohhhh my God.

  • Noble

    Awesome bod, but such a shame he has to mess it up with tats. It will be so awesome when that fad fades away.

    Chris is incredible and definitely needs to make more shirtless movies.

  • Kelley

    I’m glad the only thing that matters in life is how good someone looks……

  • Zeth

    ang sexy ni chris shit

  • rizz330

    Hands Down…The sexiest male body in Hollywood. Yummy

  • deej

    I have decided that I am in love with Chris Evans. I never saw this post, so I”m glad I looked it up. You can give me more of him any time…all the time. There is no such thing as too much of a good thing.

  • todd

    he is so beautiful and sexy it makes me ache, ugh. Just, oh wow!

  • Complex

    O-M-G! I want to EAT this man. Good lord almighty. Words cannot describe. That is a ridiculously delicious piece of Man Meat!!! Mm MMm Good!!

  • go

    wooooooooooooooooow is sexiest man

  • chenz

    great body with great body hair–but look at those baby blues–then change your pants —HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTT .

  • WarpedRecord

    Hey, what’s with the images violating Photobucket’s terms of use? Inquiring minds (and other parts of our bodies) want to know!

  • brexx

    can i fuck him now please? preferably in a room with ryan reynolds and joel mchale too 😛

  • Say WHAT?

    He needs to get his teeth whitened. I think he’s a smoker.

  • wow i like her love u chris ur the one idol me

  • i love u chris ur the one idol

  • Bob E

    He and his bro are both fine fine fine.
    I think Scott tips the scales though in my book.
    Partial to teddy bears with a cuddly bit ‘o padding,
    but still firm all over……I’ll be back in 5-10 minutes

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