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Jared Leto Shirtless

Before he turned into a whiny eyelinered emo boy in his thirties (which is just sad), Jared Leto was perhaps one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen. He had the perfect body, the face, the eyes, even the hair! The whole package was just unbelievable. Then he wanted to be taken seriously (groan) and decided to spend more time making horrible alt rock music then doing what he did best: look pretty. I’m not religious myself, but the bible folks do have a saying: “God doesn’t give with both hands.” If you look as good as Jared Leto it’s just too much to ask to be considered either overly smart or particularly talented.

That being said, the first set of caps here is what I consider the hottest shirtless scene ever caught on film. The caps are from the movie “Highway”, which co-stars a frustratingly shirted Jake Gyllenhaal. The second group of caps are from the movie “Switchback” another early film in which Jared briefly gets to display his true talents.



  • he reminds me of zac efron:)<3

  • juliet

    OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE HOTTEST MAN EVER

  • I love him. And I must say he sounds better singing than he looks acting, to me. And, guys, that’s ok if you don’t like the way he looks because of his band, but that’s not an excuse for calling him an emo boy. He’s not emo, that’s easy to say, you just have to listen to their music and you’ll see that’s not emocore. Ok? Just dotting the i’s. Thanks for the caps, anyways, he looks extra cute in the last ones.


  • Nicky Morgan

    I have to say that,I actually enjoy the music Mr.Leto now makes. He is talented and labeling him, as is labeling anyone,is nothing more than puerile society,misunderstanding and being jealous of those more successful than themselves. Isn’t it time we appreciated talent instead of denigrating it?

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  • Erm, so your saying that good looking people can’t have talent or be smart are you? You are such an idiot for thinking though. I love Jared Leto more when he’s all guylinered up. He is completely hot whatever he looks like. You must be a complete materialistic, plastic loser. Jared Leto is not afraid to be who he wants to be, and he doesn’t change to gain attention or anything. In my opinion 30 Seconds To Mars are one of the greatest bands of all time, and have inspired many people. They completely rock! So what, Jared Leto has it all and is not just some other pretty boy. I think your just jealous of him…

  • Richard Nayee

    your all shit, jared leto was , is and always wil be the most beautiful man who ever lived, and his music is amazing, you are just a sad jealous littl, man/woman i dont know which one!

    but shut your face!!

  • 名無し

    As gorgeous as he was/is I think the above comments were rather lame and childish. Doing what he does best boils down to simply being good looking?! That sounds like something an ignorant hick would say about his wife as she told him she wanted to go to college in order to make something better of herself rather than remain a homemaker. I expected better from my fellow gays but alas, I’ve been known for overestimating people’s potential. It’s no wonder heteros continue to hold on vehemently to stereotyped ideas of gay men as being sex-craved maniacs unable to look past physical appearance 🙁

  • jared leto is so sexy and fit oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gggoooddd

  • jared leto is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SEXY!!!!!!

  • Ciera

    This article is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read. You’re basically saying that he’s only allowed to have one talent, he’s not allowed to change, he’s just supposed to be eye candy. Obviously you know NOTHING about Jared Leto or 30 Seconds to Mars. His voice is AMAZING, their music is genius, he’s a fucking genius, he’s still just as gorgeous as he’s always been, and his body is still just as amazing.

    This whole article is just laughable. His body is his “true talent”? It’s a bad thing that he wants to be taken seriously? He can’t be smart and good looking? I can respect someone’s opinion who simply doesn’t like Jared Leto, or his music, but you have to have a valid reason for that opinion. This whole article is simply shit.

  • ScarlettXxxx

    He would sooo get it! 😉

  • Greta

    This article sucks.

    Jared Leto is not cut out just to be a pretty boy. If he wanted to be that he would just stick to being a model. BUT he’s much MORE than that!

    He is very beautiful, hot, sexy, handsome, possibly the most beautiful guy I’ve ever seen. Nothing can beat these eyes. BUT that’s not really what he’s all about!

    Fine, you don’t like his music. But dont’you dare call 30 seconds to mars an emo band. It’s not. Their music is deep and has meaning. People don’t take the time nowdays to appreaciate good music. Jared and the rest of the band are incredibly nice to their fans, they make beautiful music and Jared has a truly amazing and powerful voice. They work a lot on their songs, compared to most of today’s trash artists who have their shitty songs written for them.

    He’s also an amazing actor. He’s stared in Requiem for a dream, have you SEEN that movie? He’s fucking amazing there. And I’m not saying that just because I’m a fan. He has TALENT.

    He’s also an active philanthropist. He’s a photographer, just about 2 weeks ago he was in Haiti, taking photographs for his Haiti Photo Book, whose profits will go 100% to the victims of the earthquake.

    Yep, I am not done yet! He’s also a director, directing all of 30 seconds to mar’s videos, which are inspirational and beautifullly shot.

    And let me not forget that he composes the songs for his band. Which are beautiful..

    So yeah, it IS possible for someone to be smart, talented, and capable of a lot of things, when they’re that good looking. So you better get your facts straight before writing a damn article about it.

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