Jared Leto

Jared Leto Shirtless

Before he turned into a whiny eyelinered emo boy in his thirties (which is just sad), Jared Leto was perhaps one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen. He had the perfect body, the face, the eyes, even the hair! The whole package was just unbelievable. Then he wanted to be taken seriously (groan) and decided to spend more time making horrible alt rock music then doing what he did best: look pretty. I’m not religious myself, but the bible folks do have a saying: “God doesn’t give with both hands.” If you look as good as Jared Leto it’s just too much to ask to be considered either overly smart or particularly talented.

That being said, the first set of caps here is what I consider the hottest shirtless scene ever caught on film. The caps are from the movie “Highway”, which co-stars a frustratingly shirted Jake Gyllenhaal. The second group of caps are from the movie “Switchback” another early film in which Jared briefly gets to display his true talents.



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