Jared Leto

Jared Leto Shirtless

Before he turned into a whiny eyelinered emo boy in his thirties (which is just sad), Jared Leto was perhaps one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen. He had the perfect body, the face, the eyes, even the hair! The whole package was just unbelievable. Then he wanted to be taken seriously (groan) and decided to spend more time making horrible alt rock music then doing what he did best: look pretty. I’m not religious myself, but the bible folks do have a saying: “God doesn’t give with both hands.” If you look as good as Jared Leto it’s just too much to ask to be considered either overly smart or particularly talented.

That being said, the first set of caps here is what I consider the hottest shirtless scene ever caught on film. The caps are from the movie “Highway”, which co-stars a frustratingly shirted Jake Gyllenhaal. The second group of caps are from the movie “Switchback” another early film in which Jared briefly gets to display his true talents.



  • Holy sweet hairy Ryan Reynolds he’s HAWT. I mean, was. Before 30 Second to Mars he was def a lust material. Those eyes, that lean body, Jared seems like a perfect guy. Now unless he’s shirtless which is like once a year, he’s just like what you said, sad. And don’t get me started on that awful emo hair. He should stick to what he do best, acting and being shirtless at it too.

  • pe

    1. Jared Leto is still one of the most beautiful men. You just don’t see it because it’s a different kind of beauty that says, “It’s myself at the most sincere”.
    2. ‘Horrible alt rock’ is just your opinion, not a fact.
    3. He wouldn’t be amused by reading that the best thing he ever did is looking pretty. This was never an option. And it’s a vilification of his person.

    People have to follow their heart. Once they found their Self they do, at least they should. Jared Leto did. You don’t have to like it but you have to accept it.
    Jared does a great job as a musician and if you’d understand music just a little bit you could hear it. That’s Jared Leto. That’s him at the most sincere. It has nothing to do with if you like his music or not, it’s just the ability to recognize when someone is real.

  • KarmaLysing

    What an oddly long torso he has… Nice build on that oddly long torso, though. And yes, going all “emo” in your thirties is a little, ummm… sad…

    Not as much as doing it in your early fifties, however. (See: Def Leppard’s pathetically bad “comeback” album from a few years back. Or don’t. I recommend the latter).



  • Psiwire

    Karma, It’s like I always tell people: You can’t be a rebellious teenager when you’re old enough to have one.

  • Metcalfe

    I have always lusted for Leto….amazing body…..show us more!

  • Iluvguys

    Not great hair in “Highway” but what a gorgeous bod he had! I almost forgot he used to be that HOT!
    Definitely better hair in “Swithcback”, but not enough close ups showing off the HOT bod we all know he had, and maybe still does?
    Anyway, what is he doing now? Till you posted these pics, it was if he’d fallen off the face of the earth…as hotties like him tend to do.
    Nice work tho, hippies…we want more of his gorgeous bod and hair to pull on and bod to lick…wink wink.

  • Iluvguys, these are by Psiwire. I really I should consider doing a page about co-authors, contributors and such soon. πŸ™‚

  • Gloria

    I am indeed in love with this man.
    Not only does he have a stunning body, beautiful eyes, amazing voice and great hair but he has brains and a heart to.
    The lateset video released by 30 Seconds to Mars is ‘A Beautiful Lie'”
    Was filmed entirely on location, 200 miles north of the artic circle, and promotes the fight against global warming.
    and wats really great is not only does he talk the talk, he walks the walk.
    for the all gas used on the trip and during filming green tags were purchased.
    for more info go to http://www.abeautifullie.com

    Oh and if u wanna see him shirtless and emo, watch the video for “From Yesterday”

    i love his fine ass… *sigh*

  • Gloria

    And is it just me or am i the only one who thinks he gets better looking with age?
    His body looks exactly the way it used to
    with the oddly long torso
    The oddly long torso is a a turn on for me…

    Im weird

  • Liv

    I absolutely agree with Gloria. The man is almost perfect. He can say some stupid things at times but he acknowladges that and that makes it okay. Anyway one look at those beautiful eyes and all is forgiven. heh

    Oh btw the site is called http://www.abeautifullie.org not com πŸ™‚

  • Gloria

    right… sorry i keep forgetting that.
    old habits and what not…
    Go to forum, i typed the right address there i believe πŸ˜€

  • Psiwire

    I always wonder how much that woman got paid to lick his chest. If the producers were smart they would have auctioned off that role.

  • Lee21

    here’s the clip…..HOTT!!!

  • Mary Ann

    God DID give with both hands in Jared’s case.
    I am offended most by the fact that you imply Jared is not smart. While sexiness and musical talent may be subjective, if you were familiar with Jared (through interviews and candid clips), you would not be able to deny his intelligence.

  • Psiwire

    I didn’t say he was a drooling idiot. Obviously to get work he would have to be able to at least read and remember lines. But I think if he were particularly smart or talented and still looked the way he does he would be a much bigger star then the C-list celebrity he actually is. In the last five or six years he’s probably best known as being one of Cameron Diaz’s cast-offs. Jared Leto has been on the edge of the Hollywood radar for 15 years and he’s never been able to parlay his looks or ‘talent’ into either musical hits or a viable leading man career, so let’s not pretend he’s a genius.

  • Mary Ann

    Jared does not look for commercial success in movie roles. He chooses them for the challenges they bring. Musically: 30STM’s The Kill was on Billboard’s Modern Rock chart for one year. It was retired and taken from the charts due to a rule requirement. This could be considered a musical ‘hit.’
    BTW The pics you have here are great.

  • Psiwire

    Fine! The Jared Leto fangirls win! I was completely wrong! Jared is an acting and musical phenom. He’s a unsung genius. He used to help Stephen Hawking with his math homework. There’s nothing he can’t do. Has Obama chosen a running mate yet, cause I think we’ve found the right man for the job!

  • Mary Ann

    Well….I wouldn’t go that far. You did make me chuckle, for a few minutes though. And BTW– I am a fanwoman!

  • Whatever it is, I think we ALL agree Jared is one fine male specimen regardless! And that’s what matters the most. πŸ™‚

  • Mary Ann

    True that!

  • Psiwire

    I think Jared’s kisses cure cancer.

  • Mary Ann

    Dude..did you hear that too?!?!

  • Mary Ann

    Hopefully for Paris H. they cure Herpes too!

  • Gary

    wow hes quite hot really, very yummy!

  • He’s gorgeous. He”s still gorgeous. With the hair and eyeliner. And I actually love 30 Seconds to Mars, and so do a lot of poeple. He has a great voice and actually has a LOT of talent other than being shirtless. You sure think really little of him if you think he’s only good for being pretty.

  • Psiwire

    I don’t think he’s just good for being pretty. Properly mated he’d also be good for producing pretty offspring.

  • Gloria

    Heres a little bit of irony for u guys.
    -Leto was a greek goddess married to Zeus…
    -Leto gave birth to twins, Artemis and Apollo…
    -Apollo is the god of sexuality…

    So theres a new fun fact for ya…

  • waaaaattt da hheeeeeelll is yall talkin’ bout……dat dude is not cute.. hes da ugliest jared i have ever seen…look at da other one…compare n contrast……….


  • Mary Ann

    Is English your second language?

  • Mary Ann

    Sorry for that last comment. It was ugly and I apologize.

  • jacksoff2

    hahahahahahhahahaha Jared has more talent than you guys can think of. No need to hate bitches. He is way to damn intelligent for his own good actually. By the way most of 30stm fans are between 20 and 40. Sure their are alot of fan girls but hey they have alot of fans.

  • Lotte

    Wee. <3
    -. His songs is just.., i don’t know how to say it in words.
    ‘LOVE HIM. Echelon for ever.

  • Psiwire

    I thought I might be being unfair to Jared, so I downloaded his albums for a listen. I’m a big enough guy to admit when I’m wrong …luckily this time I don’t have to. I mean, honestly, it didn’t make my ears bleed or anything, but I don’t have the urge to ever hear any of it again. Sure you could chalk this up to me being an old fogie, but Jared’s five years older then I am, which makes his whole faux teen angst riff completely ridiculous. And if his angst is genuine (which I doubt), well get some Prozac.

  • to all of yall who think hes cute yall must be buggin.. couse he look like hes permently on crack…


  • If u peepz dnt understand my writing itz cause im from da ghetto..da hood.. n’ da projects….

    dominican’s all day…every day..:)

  • Psiwire

    Is it really so much harder to type ‘the’ instead of ‘da’?

  • Jezzelle

    Is that woman licking his nipples? She’s so damn lucky!

  • Mary Ann

    I feel that Jared has a powerful and sexy singing voice. Did you listen to their music with your eyes closed, psiwire? You can hear the sexiness better! lol Hey, did you listen to the self-titled CD? That one is truly made of awesomeness in my opinion. If you didn’t, give that one a listen, psiwire.

  • Psiwire

    Add Jimmy Kimmel to the list of people who really can’t stand eyeliner-loving Jared Leto. The late-night show host told Stuff magazine he’d rather not welcome Leto back as a guest. When asked if Kimmel ever had to hide his disdain for a guest, he chose the actor/rocker. “He was so insufferably satisfied with himself that I wanted to strangle him,” said Kimmel

  • Mary Ann

    Yeah, I heard about this. I hear that sometimes he is the sweetest thing and other times an asshole. Two things are for certain: his intelligence and his wit. Oh, forgot the third: absolutely beaufiful! lol

  • cadegirl

    okay the body looks hot, but the face kinda looks….ewwww!

  • Mary Ann

    Granted, his Highway hair wasn’t his best look, but his face and eyes are…NOT ewwww! lol

  • There is something about this guy that no words can explain. I am not talking about his good looks and besides I am a guy so I could care less about his looks but I am talking about the tension between he and others. Its great and it makes my day. Jared>Too intelligent I might say and definately way to gosh darn talented.

  • Why do people hate him? Is there even a reason. People depend to much on what the media has to offer other than knowing the truth which gives them a reason to hate someone they really have no reason hating. Pathetic!
    I have to agree with Casey with his tension between he and others its super amazing so keep up the hatred peeps. Only he could drive someone insane.

  • Belle

    Jared Leto is still beautiful! He is a passionate, amazing actor/musician! His music has meaning that I guess is too deep for some of the haters who refuse to listen. What are any of you – the haters- doing with your lives? I am sure all of you are just as beautiful as ever and are doing a lot for the world! Keep up the good work!

  • Am.I.Gay??

    I think he looks way hotter going emo. That long black hair and glassy eyes..OMG!!
    How cuter can a man get??And hotter??And sadder??
    Turns me on every time…

  • Awesome

    I hate hate HATE the mullet, but what a gorgeous body. It’s too bad he thinks he’s interesting.

  • rosalie

    hey i dont give a crap about him turning emo i think he’s cool, beautiful and has THE best voice in the uniferse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey FUCK all of you except rosalie coz i also think jared laeto the hottest dude on earth and i sooooooooooo want to meet him

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