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Jeremy Renner Shirtless

Jeremy Renner rarely plays a nice guy. In the few movies I’ve seen him in he’s played a would-be rapist, a child molester, a mental patient and a notorious serial killer. It would be easy not to like somebody who places such awful characters, but he’s just so darned cute! I wouldn’t say he’s classically handsome or super buff, but there’s something undeniably appealing about him. Borderline adorkable?

These caps are from the movies “12 And Holding” and “Dahmer” in which Jeremy plays the title role. I think he might very well be the second hottest movie serial killer after Christian Bale in “American Psycho”. And definitely the hottest based on a real killer. (Unless we want to count Brian Dennehy in “To Catch A Killer” …I love clowns!)

“12 And Holding”


  • OhioGuy

    I think this is the whole definition of “adorkable.” I’ve always thought there was something indescribably hot about Jeremy Renner, but I always thought I was the only one who felt that way.

  • Am lovin his eyes! Yeah, he definitely belongs in the adorkable section and I’ve got to see 12 And Holding just for that scene. Yum!

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  • explorer0713

    Check him out in SWAT – gawd that movie is filled with hunk upon hunk upon hunk. Hell, even the ‘old’ guys are gorgeous.

    I have never actually seen Jeremy play a good guy. Some are certainly worse than others, but, none are good.

    I think what is attractive about him is, in large part, his intensity and great screen presence.

  • ehren

    only this man could make jeffrey dahmer hot lol

  • jennajoy

    Jeremy Renner is incredibly hot and talented~very intense but at the same time he’s actually kinda average looking. Yummy!

  • Man jeremy renner is the sexiest man alive even if he’s gettingup there in age he’s still dead sexy!!!!! HOTTIE FOR EVER!!! love him to death

  • i know… something about Renner makes him really HOT & i think it is his great on-screen presence, i feel for him when I saw Dahmer! Ever since that movie, I have been searching for all the possible movies I could find of him. ^_^

  • Chelsea

    He’s currently on the tv show The Unusuals, playing a good guy! And there’s basically a shirtless scene for him in every episode. He’s looking more buff these days too, it’s really tasty.

  • Shylight

    Jeremy is the most GORGEOUS, SEXY, HOTTIE I have ever seen in my life, and he’s 38! (always had a thing for older men) Sexiest man alive is an under statement. Ha ha, I’m in love

  • Jeremy never looked better in 28 Weeks Later and The Hurt Locker. I truly hope he wins an Oscar for his performance in the latter.

  • kayC

    im head over heels and ready for a baby or two with this guy!! lol

  • tadeu

    He is very hot in The Hurt locker – and there is a shirtless scene in the movie…

  • Nyles

    Yep I didn’t see the other films Jeremy Renner was in I did like very much the Brief Shirtless scene of him in “Hurt Locker”


  • chana

    I saw dahmer, and he was so hot. I felt bad, because dahmer was a killer, but jeremy was just so sexy in that movie. He would be sweet one second, and then a psycho. He is an amazing actor, too.

  • Gina

    Please, please, PLEASE do an updated entry on Jeremy Renner! He’s got super HOT shirtless scenes in ‘The Hurt Locker’ and ‘The Town’…he’s a big more buff now than he was back in his skinny ‘Dahmer’ days.

    And to be fair (SPOILERS AHEAD)….his character in ’12 and Holding’ isn’t actually a child molester. He’s not a bad guy in that one, just a guy with some serious problems.

  • chana

    Gina is right Jeremy isn’t a child molester, he is a messed up dude, who pities this lonely little girl. He doesn’t do anything to her sexually
    I think he is amazing

  • Erin

    Jeremy shirtless……..SEXY! Him in Dahmer? I bought the movie right away. I would do anything to just touch him. He’s amazing and sexy!!

  • Rapunzel

    Well, I think he was HOT and yummy as Hawkeye in Avengers and buttlicious in Mission Impossible.

  • Dot

    Dont know if this thing is active! But I wanted to comment that I agree that Jeremy Renner is an amazing actor and super sexy as well. I mean I love all the bad guys and the crazy characters he plays. I feel he blows all the actors he is in with out of the water. But that’s just me!!

  • Dale

    Yes, I agree with all of the above.

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