Matt Dallas & Eric McIntire

Matt Dallas and Chris McIntire Shirtless

I’m not even going to try to explain “Camp Slaughter”. The title gives you the theme of the movie if not the plot, which is beyond convoluted. I only rented it because one of the Netflix reviews mentioned the copious amounts of male shirtlessness and the homo-erotic overtones. Both of which turned out to be true. I don’t like horror movies, but this movie is so bad it turned out to be good for a laugh.

The only familiar face in “Camp Slaughter” is Matt Dallas (of “Kyle XY”) in a role that is certain to clear up any questions about his sexuality. Matt is only briefly shirtless and he doesn’t seem to be in as quite as good shape as he is now, but thankfully his sexy costar, Eric McIntire, shows a little more skin. I wouldn’t mind seeing Eric in something else, but this seems to be the only movie he’s made so far.

And some of the other boys from “Camp Slaughter”

And some bonus pics of Eric McIntire from IMDB

  • I love Matt Dallas but dayum that McIntire boy is SUPER MIGHTY FINE! Not to mention the other hotness in the camp too (check out red)! This is another hottie who deserves a lot more shirtless screen time regardless of what alphabet the movie will be. And why suddenly I have a feeling that this went straight up to my top 5 flicks to watch?

    p.s: Psi I hope you don’t mind me changing the name to Eric instead as per IMDB.

  • KarmaLysing

    The red-head has been in a couple commercials since this cinematic masterpiece came out… Hope it didn’t kill his chances at a real career, LOL…

  • Psiwire

    What did I put down as his name, Square?

  • Chris McIntire. Believe or not I did that all the time during posting! Some names just fit certain guys right?

  • Psiwire

    Duh. I don’t know where I got Chris from because I even capped the movie’s credits to get his name and there’s nobody named Chris in the whole damn list. I guess my first clue should have been when I couldn’t find Chris McIntire on IMBD and had to look up the movies page to find him. And I still got it wrong after going through the cast list! I knew I should have listened to my mama when she said ‘don’t do drugs’.

    And you’re right, Square, this movie is so terrible you have to see it for yourself. It makes “Catwoman” look like “Citizen Kane”. And be sure to check out the behind the scenes featurette, which is funny cause you get to see just how flaming Matt Dallas is.

  • Well I think it’s kinda normal for cappers since we’re always high on shirtless boys drugs LOL. I don’t know but as tacky as teen slasher movies were, I can’t help but watch the whole god damn thing just for scenes of male skin. I think ALL teen slasher movies should have homo erotic overtones to make them at least rentable. Will definitely watch this one.

  • Ok, it appears as though I’ll be logging into netflix as soon as I finish clicking submit 🙂

  • Dr Johnny

    too many little boys — where are the men !!

  • Dewey Mee

    Well, the navel is my favorite area of the shirtless male body. I’m glad Matt Dallas doesn’t hide his navel here… as he does on “Kyle XY”. That’s why I don’t watch it. If there’s no chance to see sexy males and their navels, I’m not interested or turned-on.

  • Kerry

    Looks like I need to check this movie out for sure!!! 🙂

  • ILuvguys

    Matt Dallas is H-O-T, HOT!

  • Milton

    Mat Dallas is hot( and might possibly be batting for our team, from what I’ve read), but Chris McIntire is BURNIN”!! He’s just the type of man I drool over;Dark hair, & blue eyes.

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