Sean Maguire

Sean Maguire Shirtless

Being someone who’s on a constant watch for shirtless men in mainstream cinema, I can hardly watch Meet the Spartans without taking my eyes off its gorgeous lead, Sean Maguire. Yeah, he seems to sprout out of nowhere for me, although Sean was no stranger to British small screens (and to most English girls’ bedrooms as well). For me, Meet the Spartans is just what I’ve wanted, abundant views of shirtless men in loin cloth without all that hazy, reddish effect on 300. No, seriously, the extras were actually hot, model grade males I might say.

Underneath all that facial mess (not to mention that hideous Roman bangs), Sean Maguire is truly a beautiful man with a guy next door look. In the first 20 minutes of the movie we get to see a teenage version of Leonidas sans the hair and not so much beard, and trust me you’ll want to change your pants afterwards. These are just shirtless stills of Sean from Meet the Spartans because I think we should acknowledge his presence on this site and until the DVD came out, believe me we will have a capping frenzy.

Speaking of Kevin Sorbo… Thoughts?

Sean Maguire Shirtless

Sean Maguire Shirtless

Sean Maguire Shirtless

This was Sean during Leonidas ‘teenage’ years. You seriously have to see him without the penguin head cover. Swoon!

Sean Maguire Shirtless

This particular picture are courtesy of Lucy of Sean Maguire official website, which is exclusive to the site but she was kind enough to let me share and drool with you all here. I believe this was taken way before Meet the Spartans, we can see how much he bulked up since then! On another note, please DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use this picture on any website without permission from the owner. (This goes out to you too, shameless Filipino copycats!)

Sean Maguire

Okay okay, I know what you’re thinking. Here is a closeup, for discussion.

Sean Maguire's Chest

Sean Maguire

Sean Maguire

Sean Maguire

  • Ian

    Just wow, with a delicious accent. I can’t stop humming “I’m a Little Teapot” when I see the penguin hat. And damn Kevin Sorbo looks good at 50.

  • David

    He’s cute and needs to have more body hair. Speaking of which, why did Kevin Sorbo shave his chest? That really is a pet peeve of mine, don’t think most men in Spartan at that time were into body waxing.

  • KarmaLysing

    1) Holy CRAP Sean Maguire is hot. Ouchy-aye-mami Raoul Bova hot!

    2) In fact all those wacky Greek and Roman types shaved/waxed/plucked. Body hair was considered uncivilized.

    3) Yes, indeedee, Mr. Sorbo still has it going on, doesn’t he?!?!

    4) SO, Square, should I pay 5 bucks for a matinee, or just wait until “Meet The Spartans” is out DVD and rent it through my Netflix account?

  • LoveHardMaleNipples1

    I Loved seeing all the Guys (except the 2 overweight ones in “Meet The Spartans”) except the Xerces character all the other soldiers were hot looking didn’t like the profanity in it but was after all a parody of the film “300” been awhile since I saw Kevin Sorbo in a Loin cloth style it looked very good on him Sean Maguire I wasn’t familiar with add “Meet The Spartans” to my film collection when it comes on DVD (2 Disc Version) and wow Kevin Sorbo is still buff at that age impressive.

    I have the DVD “300” (2 Disc version)

  • Ian, I’m putting those two together in my head and it’s freakin’ hilarious (and kinda pervy hot too)!

    David, for a man that age he should let it all grow naturally! But Kevin can still pass for a hot late 30s guy.

    Karma, I’d have to say based on Sean’s hotness, by all means do BOTH. I mean, if you can stand pointless parody movies, go buy that ticket right this instant! I don’t think Sean is making any more movies so we rely heavily on Meet the Spartans at the moment. And thank god he was half naked all the way in it too.

    LoveMale, I def wanna get this on DVD mostly for delicious amount “male affection” in it haha. I kinda tried look spmewhere else when the fat guy from Borat appeared though, he’s too much for me especially when the nipples came off LOL.

  • nicole

    one word: DELICIOUS!

  • sassywench

    Nice! Thanks for the close up–looks like our boy shaves his chest or had it airbrushed out of the pic. Looks like he beefed up for the Spartans as well. Cute, hot, British lad! One thing…his abs look a bit odd…almost like they were airbrused on.

  • KarmaLysing

    If look him up on IMDB, and scroll down to the “Star meter” section near the bottom, you’ll see his has increased 600% since last week. Gosh, I wonder why… ROFLMAO…

  • Shawnee

    Hello, i’ve been a fan of the site for a while:)
    I must say Kevin Sorbo is still smoking at 50

    and Sean is definatly a cutey under that beard!

  • Heather

    omg sean maguire is so hott!! hot hot hotty
    i love him 4ever <3

  • david louis



  • Carton


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  • he looks so much better without the beard. yummy!

  • Byron

    just found a competition to win a dvd of his film meet the spartans!

  • DJ

    I guess this “(This goes out to you too, shameless Filipino copycats!)” phrase is uncalled for, especially the word Filipino !

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