The Boys of Fight Club

“Fight Club” may just be one of the best movies out there. It had amazing dark humor, tons of shirtless hotties, an inventive storyline, a great look…and, oh, did I mention tons of shirtless hotties? So, when looking through my extensive DVD collection trying to decide what to cap next, I went for “Fight Club,” because, let’s face it, it’s too hot NOT be on here. The caps mostly consist of Brad Pitt, who probably looks the hottest in this movie out of them all (except maybe “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”), but there are some containing Edward Norton, and a few with Jared Leto. And then some other random guys in the fight club.

So, I hope you enjoy the prettiness. And the hotness. And remember. We don’t talk about Fight Club.

(No, seriously, that’s from the movie! But it had to be cropped…wouldn’t you know it? The only male nudity in the film is from a Gucci ad?!)

And now for the hottest caps of them all. Please, watch the drool. Your keyboard, I assure you, doesn’t appreciate it.

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