The Boys of Fight Club

“Fight Club” may just be one of the best movies out there. It had amazing dark humor, tons of shirtless hotties, an inventive storyline, a great look…and, oh, did I mention tons of shirtless hotties? So, when looking through my extensive DVD collection trying to decide what to cap next, I went for “Fight Club,” because, let’s face it, it’s too hot NOT be on here. The caps mostly consist of Brad Pitt, who probably looks the hottest in this movie out of them all (except maybe “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”), but there are some containing Edward Norton, and a few with Jared Leto. And then some other random guys in the fight club.

So, I hope you enjoy the prettiness. And the hotness. And remember. We don’t talk about Fight Club.

(No, seriously, that’s from the movie! But it had to be cropped…wouldn’t you know it? The only male nudity in the film is from a Gucci ad?!)

And now for the hottest caps of them all. Please, watch the drool. Your keyboard, I assure you, doesn’t appreciate it.

  • Psiwire

    Brad Pitt’s Body is INSANE in this movie! I’m capping some Jared Leto stuff this weekend.

  • Psiwire

    I might have to disagree with you about Brad’s best looking performance though, McDream. He’s unbelievable looking in “Meet Joe Black”. His body was pretty fierce in “Troy” too.

    Ed Norton’s body was best in “American History X”.

  • Ed Norton’s body definitely looked so much better in American History X. Or perhaps his was pale in comparison due to Brad’s insanely toned body in this film. Either way, I’m not that of a big fan of Ed but he’s one hell of an actor!

  • Katrina

    Most satisfying post yet, in my opinion.

  • Charly

    Ed Norton purposely lost weight and went for the pale look for his role, but STILL looked hot, and as for Jared Leto, well he is THE most beautiful man on earth.

  • Xavier

    Its weird. Everytime you see Brad, hes kinda like flaunting himself. He’s pushing his chest forward. Its weird. But, He still looks sexy. [ I love him in Mr. and Mrs. Smith! ]

  • Rocio

    BRAD…. PITT… GOD’S GREATEST CREATION!… He is perfect! No flaws! this man is outstandingly ridiculously good looking!, u’d think with a face like his he’d have to have a flaw?! but his body is just as amazing~!!! I watched Curious Case Of Benjamin Button and recon Brad is so hot when he’s on the motorbike! he’s so hot during this age period in the film (and that’s his age now) I recon Brad looks hottest (Face-Wise) in Se7en, and BODY??? Well, he’s always shirtless in most of his films! so ALL OF THEM…AND XAVIER… BRAD CAN FLAUNT ANY PART OF HIS MAGNIFICENT BODY ANYTIME!!! 🙂

  • Micks

    Haha, this is my favourite movie of all time. And, yeah, some great shirtless scenes too 🙂
    Brad Pitt was pretty smoking in this. Like, really. And I do like a little Jared Leto (that man i gorgeous), but Edward Norton steals everything for me. I love the man.

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