Timothy Olyphant

Timothy Olyphant Shirtless

Timothy Olyphant is one of those guys I’m never quite sure about. Sure his acting is decent and he’s extremely nice looking, but he never seems to be exactly right for the part he’s playing. Maybe it’s because he’s usually playing a baddie and he just doesn’t seem all that menacing to me. The first group of caps are from the movie “Go” where Timothy spends the first half of the movie shirtless. The second film capped is “The Broken Hearts Club” which is easily my favorite Timothy Olyphant film, even though he doesn’t spend quite enough time without his shirt.

The movie is great and features a really cute cast including Andrew Keegan, Zach Braff, Michael Bergin, Dean Cain (‘member when he was hot?) and Justin Theroux. The third film is “Coastlines” which seemed like a yawn, but I have to admit I didn’t really watch it, I only skimmed it for scenes of Timothy.


“The Broken Hearts Club” (With Andrew Keegan)


  • deej

    I have been hot for this guy since the first moment I laid eyes upon him…now if only my hands could follow! He has a unique appeal that stands out from the other pretty boys on screen.

  • Dr Johnny

    he’s a very good actor — stays in the background and is not part of that crazy H-wood crowd — he seems to be trying to stay within his art vs commercialism (but you gotta pay the electric bill !!) — he has a unique appeal, a bit of sarcasim – tongue in cheek with his delivery, no matter what the role is — he is good look’in and has a different sex appeal — he is married with kids ? so.. it would be an ‘”after the fox chase”, boys……good luck !

  • KarmaLysing

    You’re right, Square, he’s kind of too sweet-faced to be a good “standard” bad guy… LOVELY body, beautiful eyes, sexy voice… Yep, he’s hot…

  • sassywench

    those pics with the woman kissing him from behind are hot! Nice hairy chest–enough to run your fingers through and still be able to lick!

  • Patrick

    Hey…I just watched “Go” again the other night. I had to go frame by frame for this scene. OK…OK…I went through the scene two times. He has p-e-r-f-e-c-t half dollar size nips on oh so fine pecs.

  • KarmaLysing

    Er, sorry, psi… I really should read the green bit more closely… lol…

  • LOL Karma, you mean blue right. The green links was officially retired. I totally understand your color confusion. 🙂

  • Aolp

    Hi just want to be in bed with men

  • almooose

    rah some people leave some x-rated comments, yeh we all want it dude, but there aint no need to be so graphic

  • Psiwire

    I agree almooose!

  • Fortunately, I got the powahhh. Graphic comments banished for eternity! Plus I don’t think he really mean it because they’re kinda same in every post.

  • murtaza

    In my mind i am married to timothy and he is all mine!i am ridiculously obssessed with him, he’s all i think about. Its come to a point where i actually need help. I dumped my last boy friend just because he did not think of my “relationship” with timothy being healthy. NO ONE COMES IN THE WAY BETWEEN ME AND MY LOVE!!=S

  • murtaza


  • dope

    Square, you’re crazy if you do not like this T.O.
    Hands down one of the most captivating man out there.

  • dope

    Maybe you want to see the same old talken fish, like Brad Pitt ,
    Tom Cruise,and George Clooney?
    I tune them out everytime I see them. UGH!!!!!!

  • Deborah

    Where totally compatible if he were’nt married I’d GO for it

  • Damienmuscle

    I agree, Tim is a great actor………..have you seen him in HITMAN? omg. how did he manage to build up his body like that? wow.

  • Chuck

    I have a bonner every time I see him

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