Timothy Olyphant

Timothy Olyphant Shirtless

Timothy Olyphant is one of those guys I’m never quite sure about. Sure his acting is decent and he’s extremely nice looking, but he never seems to be exactly right for the part he’s playing. Maybe it’s because he’s usually playing a baddie and he just doesn’t seem all that menacing to me. The first group of caps are from the movie “Go” where Timothy spends the first half of the movie shirtless. The second film capped is “The Broken Hearts Club” which is easily my favorite Timothy Olyphant film, even though he doesn’t spend quite enough time without his shirt.

The movie is great and features a really cute cast including Andrew Keegan, Zach Braff, Michael Bergin, Dean Cain (‘member when he was hot?) and Justin Theroux. The third film is “Coastlines” which seemed like a yawn, but I have to admit I didn’t really watch it, I only skimmed it for scenes of Timothy.


“The Broken Hearts Club” (With Andrew Keegan)


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