Travis Wester, Scott Mechlowicz & Jacob Pitts

Travis Wester, Scott Mechlowicz and Jacob Pitts Shirtless

“EuroTrip” is not the kind of movie I would normally choose for myself, not being a fan of broad “American Pie” style teen comedies, but a friend talked me into renting this and I have to say, it’s extremely funny. Not to mention full of hot college-age boys. (Plus a scene with more naked men then I’ve ever seen in one movie) Travis Wester is my favorite out of the guys featured, but I wouldn’t say no to Scott Mechlowicz either. All three boys are funny, so I expect to see them in other things and I already have another Scott Mechlowicz movie on my list to cap. “Euro Trip” also has very funny cameos by Joanna Lumley, Lucy Lawless and Matt Damon as a hot punk rocker.

And a couple bonus Matt Damon pics, just because I thought he looked particularly hot in this movie:

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