Travis Wester, Scott Mechlowicz & Jacob Pitts

Travis Wester, Scott Mechlowicz and Jacob Pitts Shirtless

“EuroTrip” is not the kind of movie I would normally choose for myself, not being a fan of broad “American Pie” style teen comedies, but a friend talked me into renting this and I have to say, it’s extremely funny. Not to mention full of hot college-age boys. (Plus a scene with more naked men then I’ve ever seen in one movie) Travis Wester is my favorite out of the guys featured, but I wouldn’t say no to Scott Mechlowicz either. All three boys are funny, so I expect to see them in other things and I already have another Scott Mechlowicz movie on my list to cap. “Euro Trip” also has very funny cameos by Joanna Lumley, Lucy Lawless and Matt Damon as a hot punk rocker.

And a couple bonus Matt Damon pics, just because I thought he looked particularly hot in this movie:

  • I can tell that Travis is your favorite. Since I hate to share, I’ll take Scott (hence the biased feature image). Anyhoo, I gotta see this movie, just for the sake of Matt Damon looking like a hotter Bubba Sparxxx LOL.

  • KarmaLysing

    They’re the WORST TWINS, E V E R!!!!!! roflmao… I loved this film, and all three male leads are little cutie-pies…

  • Chris

    Travis and Scott are definitely the two hotties of that movie. I, too am not a fan of this style of movie anymore and my only beef about these two cuties, is that they need to work on their pecs; they already have nice flat stomaches, all they need is slightly more feveloped chests and then they won’t look so much like boys anymore! Still good as usual tho, hippies.

  • Eric

    If you like Scott Mechlowicz then you have to get a movie called Peaceful Warrior! Lots of gymnast skin to be seen.

  • Joe

    I didn’t want to see this one either but then I did and I laughed my ass off. Lucy Lawless is especially funny as the Amsterdam dominatrix and the three guys are offbeat hotties for sure.

  • Gloria

    FINALLY! My wish is fufilled…

    Scotty doesnt know…

  • Drew

    I think you must have a really low threshold for titillation.

  • AJ2007

    @ Gloria:

    FINALLY! My wish is fufilled…
    Scotty doesnt know…

    FINALLY! *MY* wish is fufilled…
    Scotty DOES know…

    Scotty doesn’t CARE, but Scotty does know :-O

  • leonard

    i luv scott mechlowicz.. that boy is delicious. and as for jacob pitts, i love any guy who looks like sam spade. yes, i think he’s hot too. it’s a shame that he hasn’t aged too well or i’d beg you to show shirtless pictures of him!

  • C.M-H.L

    yummie yuummmiiie.. Could scott be any hotter?… *drools*

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  • Christian

    I just recently saw Travis in an episode Cold Case and I forgot how gorgeous this guy was. Which is why I went looking for some caps of him in Eurotrip and here they are. So cute. Thanks!

  • Milton

    Just imagined a twink-on-twink-on-twink fantasy invovling thses guys. Travis is my favorite. LUUUVVV that train scene in “Eurotrip” where Jacob’s character ends up in Scott’s chacter’s lap. Mmmmh,mmhh.

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