Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody Shirtless

To me Adrien Brody is the very definition of the unconventional hottie. With his heavy eyes and the big crooked nose I don’t think anyone would call him traditionally handsome. That being said, he is undeniably sexy. His body is perfectly lean and muscular with abs that are just about perfect. And when he chooses to sport chest hair it’s just the right amount.

These caps are from the movie “The Jacket”. I didn’t really have high hopes about there being a lot of shirtlessness when I put it in, but boy was I wrong.

“The Jacket”

Some bonus pics:

  • Definitely hardcore unconventional hottie. He didn’t quite do it for me but I totally understand the (sex) appeal. I love the scene where the nurse unshirted him, it’s like opening a gift on Christmas day!

  • QCNiceGuy

    I otally agree. Not conventionally hot but still steamy. The chest hair is always a nice addition on a lean body like that!

  • Katrina

    Oh goodness. I flippin’ love Adrian Brody. I was really wooed when I saw him in King Kong. So cute.

  • David

    Too skinny, needs to eat more, and do I have a meal for him!!!! 🙂

  • KarmaLysing

    ADRIEN BRODY!!!!! WOOT!!!!!! Thanks Square!!! I love you!!!! Now, I’ll be in my bunk…

  • Jazz

    OMG Have you seen his nose. Maybe he should use some of his money to invest in a nose job. Nice body though.

  • Mark

    Omg I’m so glad you added Adrien Brody! I’ve had a huuuuuuuge thing for him for years! I think he’s absolutely adorable.

  • From now on, we’ll just assume all thanks in the comment went to the author, in this case Psiwire regardless what name referred LOL. Here’s to more unconventional hotties!

  • deej

    I am completely ga-ga over Adrien and have been since “The Necklace”.
    I will would take him over (virtually) anyone else…that’s how hot I find him to be. He happens to be an excellent actor as well, which doesn’t hurt.
    I will watch any movie he is in (and I’ve seen some dogs because of that) because I can’t get enough of him. I keep hoping for more nudity in his movies…it’s been to fleeting. Thanks for getting around to posting him on your site.

  • Psiwire

    I love guys with that type of nose, like Johnathan Lapaglia and Robert Gant (who I plan on capping one day)

  • almooose

    he’s like a zombie, a zombie i would totally…….

  • KarmaLysing

    He’s one of a handful of famous men I’d do in a heartbeat. A HEARTBEAT, I tell you… I’m going back to my bunk now…

  • sassywench

    Unconventional is the key word. If I were drunk enough I’d do him.

  • lovalova

    omg that chest his pecs are huge

  • Dewey Mee

    OOOH! THANKS for the shirtless pics. of Adrian Brody; especially the BONUS pics– THOSE got me HOT!!!!! He looks like he has “sleepy eyes.” I don’t care about his nose– he’s FINE by me!! He is an excellent actor and HE IS SEXY!!!!!!!! I wish I’d been Halle Berry when he gave her that KISS at the Oscars a few years ago.

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  • ronnie

    i would love to rubb and kiss your awesome chest and abs and awesome back. i love ya with hair but love ya more without hair. very smooth.

  • Anne Marie

    I fell for Adrien Brody after quite a few women kept telling me my husband looks like Adrien Brody. I said, “Who the hell is this Adrien Brody? I never heard of him.” Well, I watched The Pianist, then several other films, and…I can’t get enough!! He does look like my husband!! My dream would be to have them BOTH at the same time! I’ll post a pic, if possible, to show you all and see what you think. (P.S. – Gaetano has hot abs, too!!)

  • Anne Marie

    OK, got the pic. Go to amialookalike then add a dot com and click on Adrien Brody under Updated Lookalikes or just google adrien brody lookalikes and you’ll eventually see him and Gaetano. Happy viewing!

  • robertg

    hmmmm. well, if you say so. close, but—- Not to worry, Gaetano VERY hot!
    So, let’s get him in “random hotties”–SHIRTLESS of course!

  • omg i lovebodies not dicks he sos sexy and im making the film downluiding it in u torrent and i tihng the nurse when she undress him is so hot and i dont like hairy bodies but he look nice and sexy to me and i dont mind his nose LOL =P

  • Al

    Ultimate Butta-face!

  • Henry

    i always liked him too. i am very open to variety… but he looks better w hair. seeing those armpits shaved like that is such a shame.

  • Boris

    Hotter when fuzzy!

  • anita


  • Izzie

    Thank you so much for this. o_o

  • Jess

    dear lord.
    this man is the definition of SEX.
    Apparently he was going to play as Spock in the new Star Trek movie…..I would of loved to see that….. O u O

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  • Nyles

    I Like to tape this film whenever it’s on The Former “Scream” station now called “Dusk’ Early Sunday Morning at 3-5:30 A.M just to see those Great skin scenes of Adrien Brody.

    Also when He’s talking to Daniel Craig’s Character from the Hospital Bed and the Frequent Loose Unbuttoned Open Hospital Gown AB wears forgiving of course the (Time Travel aspect )in The Mind or Not?


  • Nyles

    It’s Also in my Flixster Holiday Wish List (I Still Like to add it to my Film Collection).

    And has a Good amount of Chest Hair and Great Looking Nipples.

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