Gods of Sport

Gods of Sport CoverSomeone emailed me these pictures, excerpt from a new photo book called “Gods of Sport”, a unique collection of photos of some of the hottest players of the Australian Football League and the Australian National Rugby League shot by leading photographer Pedro Virgil. While I know jack about Australian sports scene (and everywhere else around the world for that matter), I’m sure our Aussie droolers can spot each one of these chiseled hotties from a mile away.For more information and how you can get your hands of the limited edition book, visit Naked for a Cause website. I believe these pictures are just the tip of the iceberg, I’m sure there a hell lot more of goodness from these studmuffins ala French Dieux du Stade; Aussie style!

God of Sports

God of Sports

  • Jazz

    Have u got names to go with the pictures?

  • HOLY COW. Now that’s some real men. Yi. not a boy among ’em. the guy at the bottom left is the absolute hottest. thanks.

  • Psiwire

    I guess ’cause they’re all dirty it’s art and not softcore gay porn?

  • Apparently yes. Do they have anymore vacancy for grease applier?

  • sassywench

    HUBBA HUBBA!!! Who is the scruffy dirty boy in the last photo!?

  • phil

    OMG that dude on the bottom left…I “covet”…

  • nicole

    MMMM NIce! Dirty Boys, gotta love ’em! How “meaty” they are! and I’d never go hungry!

  • deej

    I cannot describe how completely unimpressed I am with these plastic look alike buff Ken dolls. More Adrien Brody please! Anyway…that stuff is just way too
    arsty-farsty. Maybe some chunky straight women would like this stuff.

  • Wen

    Drool! Speechless!

  • d.elisa d.

    why r they dirty..

  • mags

    ho my gawsh, I know who most of those guys are!

    this is what i get to look at every footy season, every game. be jealous

    too bad johnathan thurston isn’t there! NOW HE’S HAWT!

  • Chyna


  • Duckhunter1

    the guy on the last pic the one on the left hand side and down is kinda Cute

  • Mikki

    I desperately need names for two bottom cuties. *.* They are sooooooooooo sexy.

  • Steffen

    You should also take a gander at the originals the french rugby team they’ve produced several calendars and dvds called “Dieux du Stades” numbering from 1 to ? 😀

  • drool

    Oh my gosh! Anyone here who knows the name of that last guy on the bottom right??? The guy with the beard and who looks man enough. Please, please, please tell me. I’m searching for him and his name for already a month since I saw one of his picture.

  • buckierd

    Hmmmmmmm. Did I just wake up…..from a bad dream?.

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