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Joey Kern Shirtless

I wouldn’t call Joey Kern one of the hottest guys I’ve ever posted, but I do think he has a lot of potential. The only thing I’ve seen him in is “The Sasquatch Gang” in which he places the dumber half of a hapless Beavis and Butthead-like duo. He spends literally the entire movie shirtless, which kind of makes up for his unfortunate hair. Look for his extremely hot “Sasquatch” co-star Justin Long in a post in the very near future.

  • sassywench

    Cute, in a fratty kind of way.

  • very very very hot, without the mullet. legal jeremy sumpter was also in that. what happened to him?

  • Would definitely don’t mind doing him, even with the mullet on. By the way is it just or does he looks a bit Natalie Portman-ish in the fiftth picture?

  • Harvey

    Dude, didn’t you cap Lovewrecked? I haven’t seen it, but he was in that as well. He was also in Cabin Fever in 2002 and Grind in 2003.

    Just a few tips for ya 🙂

  • Psiwire

    He wasn’t shirtless in “Love Wrecked” and I haven’t seen the other two.

  • KarmaLysing

    Lovely eyes. Very average aside from those. Can’t wait for Justin’s day in the spotlight…

  • OhioGuy

    Justin Long gets a decent shirtless scene in the Deleted Scenes of Sasquatch Gang. The actors who play Joey Kern’s father and brothers are similarly shirtless through the entire movie, but they’re not as interesting to look at with the possible exception of one brother who has a mohawk.

  • Matt

    Does he also have that cup with him through the entire movie? Anyway, I think he has some resemblance to Jay Mohr. Anyone else think so?

  • Psiwire

    I almost missed the deleted scene of Justin, but it will be part of my post, as well as a couple other movies. I liked the mohawked guy that played Joey Kern’s brother. I might do a little post of him in the forum at some point.

    And yes he does have that cup through the whole movie.

  • LoveHardMaleNipples1

    Was seeing in the video store this film” The Sasquatch Gang” and was wondering if i should’ve bought it or not but since Cause of the screencaps pics post of Joey Kern (“Bare Chested” through the entire film I just may end up buying it after all next time I’m in the video store.

  • Just saw this movie and I must say it’s a shirtless gem. Thanks for making me watch this even though it’s a bit of pain. 🙂 Well, I kinda love what Joey Kern did the entire movie, being dumb and all. Don’t you want to take his shirtless self home and give him some food and a bath? There was actually Justin’s skin bits in the movie itself (scene on the boat) but I’m sure Psi will include that in his anticipated Justin Long’s post.

    I have to agree with Matt that he looks a bit like Jay Mohr. I remember having a crush on him. He’s like the Owen Wilson back in the 90s. Anyhoo, is it just me or Jeremy Sumpter is hot as fcuk??? Peter Pan has grown up just fine (he’s legal I assume). Any Sumpter shirtless movie worth watching?

    p.s: Is it a crime that I think Jon Gries (Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite) is kinda attractive? *runs away*

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  • Sarah

    Aside from Cabin Fever, Love Wrecked, and Grind, he was also in Broken Lizards Super Troopers-though not a huge role, and did a fantastic job in Totally Awesome (one of the funniest movies ever, I highly recommend checking it out!) I think he’s beautiful! =)

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