Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris Shirtless

Neil Patrick Harris is one of those guys who will always be known to us as his breakthrough character, in his case, Doogie Howser. Well, most probably because he looks more or less the same ever since we saw him typing away in his computer every night (first blogger ever?). If anyone under 15 at the time of that series told you she (or he) didn’t have a crush on him, that person is a liar. NPH is gay, smart, charming, what’s not to like? Maybe he should try darker hair colors. These shirtless pictures of Neil Patrick Harris are from one of his more well known television appearances (he did a lot of not so famous ones), “How I Met Your Mother”. He was basically smooth in here but looking at the open shirt pictures, Neil is actually hairy. Put that razor / wax strips away!

Anyways, I don’t know about you guys but I see a slight resemblance to Joseph Cross. Thoughts?

Neil Patrick Harris Shirtless

Neil Patrick Harris Shirtless

Neil Patrick Harris Shirtless

Neil Patrick Harris Shirtless

Neil Patrick Harris Shirtless

Neil Patrick Harris Shirtless

Neil Patrick Harris Shirtless

Neil Patrick Harris Shirtless

Neil Patrick Harris Shirtless

Neil Patrick Harris Shirtless

Neil Patrick Harris Shirtless

Neil Patrick Harris Shirtless

Neil Patrick Harris Shirtless

Neil Patrick Harris Shirtless

Neil Patrick Harris Shirtless

Neil Patrick Harris Shirtless

Neil Patrick Harris Shirtless

Further evidence.

Neil Patrick Harris Shirtless

  • Drew

    THANK YOU!! Neil is da man! I was SO glad to find out he’s “family”. What a guy. To be that great looking and have a brain, too. Perfect. I’m going to email a pic of him in a sleeveless shirt I’ve seen on the net. It’s fantastic. Heck, he’s fantastic. Thanks again!

  • by blog…

  • QCNiceGuy

    Wonderful addition…And I agree! Stop using that razor and let that hair grow. That will increase his sexiness quotient tenfold!

  • Uncle Dennis

    My gaydar never went off on Neil. I’m gonna have to get it fixed. Although it worked for years on Lance Bass before he came out of the closet.

  • Mario_MB4

    I want hairy chest pics!

    Blond boys never like me, but he is an exception.

    Sorry for my English :S

  • David

    I always liked Neil, a self proclaimed gay man living a good life. I was saddened to see that which is so typical of the gay male culture, to wax off any show of masculinity for that baby smooth look, which to me is just so faggy.

  • Dewey Mee

    Neil PH is HOT!!!!!!! I never associated him with “Doogie Howser”, possibly because I never watched or gave any thought to that show. I also don’t watch “How I Met…” But I know who Neil is. He has musical theatre on his resume. I think it’s GREAT Neil is gay and OUT!!!! Thanks for posting pics. that show the male navel– my ULTIMATE TURN-ON!!!! Please Post MORE!!! THANKS!!!!

  • ded

    eww. Alyssa isnt he ugly?? nasty, eww. his face is a baby face.

  • ded

    OMG. u guys r gay!!!!!!!!!!!so is he!!!!!!!!!!! i thot he was straight!!!!!!!!never mind

  • Virtue

    Some genious posting.

    He’s hot and he shaves and he’s gay! I do not like chest hairs but I’d take him shaved or not. I love blondie even if it’s hairy. Sign me up if we have to take turns at him xD

  • Psiwire

    Surprisingly sexy. I wonder if he’s gonna reprise his role as himself in “Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay”?

    What do you use to cap off of TV, Square? I was looking at DVD recorders, but that seems like a cumbersome process.

  • jay

    Yes to the Joseph cross thing.

  • At least this one is Gay! I remember seeing Mr. Harris at the Beverly Center when he was much younger. Me and my gay friends would have surely hooted out to him if we’d known at that time. We weren’t shy about it! Yet, we weren’t movie stars!

    It is admirable of Mr. Harris though and pretty damn gutsy in hollywood to reveal being gay.

  • Rick

    Who has never seen Doggie Howser and not have fallen in love with Mr. Harris. He has come a long way but always maintained his pride and talent. He is suave and poised. A natural. Our community has found an honorable representative in him. The respect shown to him from all, will help our cause for equality. I bow in great respect to him. And yes, he’s adorable!!!!!

  • I agree. Put down the razor. Hide the wax. Furry blondes are big turn-on for me.

  • David

    If anyone saw How I Met Your Mother last night, they caught some nice scenes with Neil in bed sporting some nice chest hair and a Ledgendary armpit shot!

  • Eric

    What a tremendously smart, talentented actor. Very good looking, and ALWAYS great looking in whatever he wears 🙂 WHAT STYLE!! Thank you for coming out…. wish more of us had the courage. Best Wishes Always! 🙂

  • hairy man lover

    hot, hot, hot. love hairy blonds. He makes me want to rub against him and he is the nicest person too.

  • um…

    I thought this was a girls wbsite….

  • Zarek

    Hottie! Although I watch the show mainly for Jason Segel 🙂 He is so fine…..

  • EM

    Your hot..I want your hot body next to me

  • EM

    Your hot..I want your baby

  • flarunner

    He looks way better smooth. What is it with all the “hairy” stuff on here anyway???

  • shiney

    NPH is hot, gay or not. What a fine specimen of man… 🙂

  • Becca

    Neil Patrick Harris is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT! He has got to be the sexiest man alive..and i am NOT kidding..please post some more topless pics of him..he has a body to look at!..wether he is hairy or not or gay or straight I would let him take me any day of the week..he is also such a great actor to in how i met you mother and a fabulous singer..his boyfriend sure is lucky!

  • Francois

    There is something about the way he looks; I mean, he’s handsome, yes, but there’s this intelligence, this smartness, that comes through.

    There’s just one thing, though… That picture of him, with the open shirt…
    It makes me feel kind of like, “Oh my God! That kid who used to portray Doogie has chest hair, now?!? I must be getting old!”.

  • DoverDavid

    If you happened to catch HIMYM last night, then you got a breif look at Neil’s furriness, good enough to sit thru some commercials for.

  • Klarth

    I was so mad the first time I saw him shirtless on HIMYM (the “naked Scrabble” ep with Robin iirc, yes I used to watch…specifically b/c he and Alyson Hannigan were on it). I knew he had shaved, and I was not pleased, because I had found him much hairier pics on the internet before the show started, so I knew exactly what he had gotten rid of. I guess the show made him do it so girls like those who posted about, who everyone knows hate chest hair passionately could buy him in his womanizer role.

    Now that he’s out, and the show has been on a while, i guess they feel it’s safe to let him grow it back onut some, but I am sure that it’s nowhere near a certain magazine picture I found on

    (not plugging the site, just telling you where to find hot hairy px of NPH. There’s some when he was skinnier and the hair hadn’t come in yet. Like me, he had an extended smooth and scrawny phase before the hair came in.)

  • Klarth

    I was another of those who crushed on him from the Doogie days. (I thought I was the only one! Then again, I thought I was the only gay, too. ;-( )

    I never dreamed he’d be gay. It never occurred to me. I just watched him in everything he ever did in film/TV up to recently, and daydreamed.

    Oddly, I didn’t know he could sing. I need to acquaint myself with his theater and musical work. (Since he is happily coupled, I can at least be an obsessive fan, lol. )

  • connie

    I am an asian. I was kinda shock when i know that he is a gay….. i had a crush on him since when he played “Doggie Howser”. Well, if he is a gay.. i don’t care as long as told the truth.
    I don’t see that being a gay is the hindrance of his acting. Infact many people love him as he is.

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  • steve

    I find NPH really hot. He has looks, sex appeal, charisma, sex appeal… And in all seriousness, after watching him MC the Emmys, I have a lot of respect for him as a speaker, entertainer, and classy man. He’s the total package!!!!

  • François

    I remember watching Doogie Howser MD as a teenager. I think he was in the movie Starship Troopers, too. I had no idea Neil P. Harris was gay.

    He may be handsome, but a bit too nerdy, I think.

    But it,s a good thing that he,s got chest hair, though. I mean, when he doen’t shave it off.

  • Sparkles

    OMG neil patrick haris is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot!!!he’s the sexyest man EVER!i love him…his lips looks sooo kissable,his eyes are amazing and…his body…OMG!!!

  • SteveMac

    Saw him once long ago, shirtless and gloriously furry. The waxed look saddens me!

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