Stop Loss

Ryan Phillippe and Channing Tatum in Stop Loss

It has been like, what, 20 years since we saw Ryan Phillippe on screen? Just kidding. The last Phillippe flick for me was “Crash” and that was like 3 years ago or something. It seems that this year we can look forward to seeing Ryan and hopefully he’ll be generous enough with the skin. Post war movie “Stop Loss” starring 2 (or 3 for some) of the hottest men in Hollywood; one from the nineties (Ryan Philippe) and one from the recent times (Channing Tatum). Cute Joseph Gordon-Levitt is of course optional.

According to my favorite movie crit Joe who attended the early screening, there’s a lot of Channing’s shirtless scenes (I’m not surprised) in it and looking at the trailer, Ryan also seems to have his fair share of shirtlessness as well. I can’t wait to see what he has to offer because in my mind there’s always that curly teenage heartthrob image from “Cruel Intention”. Come to think of it, he still doesn’t look a day over 22 in “Stop Loss”, putting other pretty Hollywood boys to shame. This movie looks pretty much a smoothfest, minus the twink factor since both of them are naturally smooth. Even Levitt looks manly and you can’t top that!

If you’re a fan of either (of which I’m sure concludes all of you indefinitely), this movie is obviously the one to watch. Oh and it looks like a very good post war flick too!

“Stop Loss” will be released on 28th March, watch the trailer or visit the official website for more info.

Ryan Phillippe

Ryan Phillippe


Ryan Phillippe and Channing Tatum

I said closer, damnit!

Ryan Phillippe and Channing Tatum

Ryan Phillippe and Channing Tatum

Some caps from the trailer

Ryan Phillippe

Ryan Phillippe

Ryan Phillippe

More of the open shirted cowboy getup that has been making rounds since last week. Somehow these are much more sexier than a totally shirtless Ryan.

Ryan Phillippe

Ryan Phillippe

Ryan Phillippe

I assume the dirty one on the grass is Channing Tatum, which looks delish by the way.

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum

See what I mean with a manly Jospeh Gordon-Levitt. Yummy scrumboes!

Joseph Gordon Levitt

  • OMG!! I love those pics of Ryan in the cowboy hat! Makes me wanna melt!!

  • explorer0713

    Have you heard any news on when he might start looking older than 16? I swear this boy simply does NOT age.

  • Rocio

    YUM!!!!!! I AM TOTALLY OBSESSED WITH RYAN PHILLIPPE RIGHT NOW! So this is awesome!!!!! 🙂 CHANNING IS ALWAYS JUST GORGEOUS although i was never a gorden-levitt fan… HE LOOKS HOT! 🙂

  • D

    All I have to say is YUMMY!!!

  • Thanks for the pics! All three of them look great, didnt think Joseph could could look so manly, drools.

  • KarmaLysing

    Never been a huge fan of Channing Tatum.

    Ryan Phillipe is, in fact, finally looking kind of adultish, at least in his build, and eminently fcukable.

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt has had that distinction for some time, in my book. He just keeps getting hotter.

  • Sally

    Those guys are hot. I only went to see the movie because of Ryan, Channing and Joseph. And believe me…I enjoyed it. Watching Ryan with that cowboy hat was really nice. Joseph looks so cute. Channing…I love his height and he’s so sexy. I liked the movie but I didn’t like all the bad words. I don’t think it was necessary.

    I wish there were guys like that in real life….

    p.s.-Christian Bale and Gerard Butler are also very hot.

  • Jackie

    You upload Alex Frost pics..he was in a couple of movies(drillbit taylor//stop-loss) you might like him…so please could u upload some pictures of him? hes reallly hot :]

    btw i love ur website

  • Zamboanga

    Huhu.. When will i ever going to meet them before rebels do. Hahaha…

  • Marlene y Maria

    Mira Channing, la verdad te partimos, te hacemos todo hasta la sopa ja.Nos encantaste en la peli Step up y Una Chica en apuros. Te partis solo, papito, estas muy fuerte, esos ojos, esa boca, esas pailas, ese OJETE y ESA Pichula naa, mejor paramos xq elteclado esta haciendo cortocircuito con nuestra baba papi!!!
    Te Amamos…
    Marly y Mari

  • channing tatum is SOOOOOOOO phit!!!!!!!!! i could just eat him up 🙂 he is gorg an i am so totally obsesed! XXXXXXXXX 😀

  • Zainab

    All of them are sexy!!!!But the only reason I watched this movie at first was for Joseph gordon-livett. Ever since Mysterious Skin I’ve been A livett fan he is so hott!!!

  • dani

    i loved the movie. and of course it’s because of channing,ryan and joseph :]]]]

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  • Milton

    Ryan will always be on the short list of guys who’d be my husband (ok, squeeze). The man still has it going on!! Wish I was siting on his knee, in that picture of him sitting on the steps.
    Also, I agree, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is looking manly, & extremely f*ckable.

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