Shirtless Men of 300

Sure Gerard Butler is the star of “300”, but how could I possibly pick just one guy to feature out of a movie that actually redefines movie shirtlessness? There have been so-called sand-and-sandal movies featuring bunches of half-naked guys since the 30’s, but none of them have had such a massive amount of hot skin on display. I mean, even the old guys in this movie are sexy. Sure some people might say that the movie offers a sanitized view of Spartan culture since there’s no man-on-man lovin’, but come on, there’s one woman in the whole movie with any lines and hundreds of hot guys. If it was going to be any more homoerotic Michael Lucas would have had to have been involved. If the Spartans actually looked like this I have to imagine they won most of their battles by sheer distraction.

Joining Gerard Butler are David Wenham, Vincent Regan, Tom Wisdom, Michael Fassbender (my particular favorite), Andrew Pleavin and Dominic West. The gorgeous Rodrigo Santoro is also in the movie, but he’s almost unrecognizable as the Persian god-king Xerxes.

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