Shirtless Men of 300

Sure Gerard Butler is the star of “300”, but how could I possibly pick just one guy to feature out of a movie that actually redefines movie shirtlessness? There have been so-called sand-and-sandal movies featuring bunches of half-naked guys since the 30’s, but none of them have had such a massive amount of hot skin on display. I mean, even the old guys in this movie are sexy. Sure some people might say that the movie offers a sanitized view of Spartan culture since there’s no man-on-man lovin’, but come on, there’s one woman in the whole movie with any lines and hundreds of hot guys. If it was going to be any more homoerotic Michael Lucas would have had to have been involved. If the Spartans actually looked like this I have to imagine they won most of their battles by sheer distraction.

Joining Gerard Butler are David Wenham, Vincent Regan, Tom Wisdom, Michael Fassbender (my particular favorite), Andrew Pleavin and Dominic West. The gorgeous Rodrigo Santoro is also in the movie, but he’s almost unrecognizable as the Persian god-king Xerxes.

  • Nice post, mate. 300 is like THE shirtless movie and it’s amazing they haven’t made an X-rated version of it yet (or did they?). You know what’s sexier though, all that hot greasy men SANS wax. That would be so freakin’ awesome. Since you already took Fassbender, I have to be content with reddish yumminess that is David Wenham. And also, am I the only one who did not find Gerard Butler all that sexy in this movie? Must be the jungle beard.

  • Psiwire

    David Wenham is probably my second favorite, although I think Andrew Plevin (the bald one) is kind of hot too. Gerard’s beard is definitely a problem, but I don’t find him particularly sexy anytime. His body is on point in this one though. And I think those little leather briefs they wear are hot. Not as hot as leather jock straps would have been, but…

  • Harvey

    300 abs, 300 pecs, 300 biceps, 300… 😉

  • jay

    Ah, yes, Michael Fassbender. I first saw him in “Band of Brothers”. I was watching along and then dropped my cocoa and said “Hey there hoe there have you been this hot the whole movie and you just got screentime now? drool drool”. (the answer was yes and no, respectively, i was just distracted.)

  • KarmaLysing

    For those who are unaware, the BBC ran sort of an “R” rated “Buffy” called “Hex” in which Michael Fassbender played a fallen angel. Not a huge amount of shirtlessness for Fassbender, but JAYsus… It didn’t matter. That man has charisma to burn, and possibly the most beautiful ultramarine blue bedroom eyes, EVER. The entire series is out on DVD. Just FYI. Heh.

  • Fiona

    Undoubtably the BEST post I’ve seen in the 6 mths of so I’ve been getting the email updates – and that’s saying something!!

    Great work Squarehippies. You just get better & better.

  • uh, can you say homophobic? for anyone who read about this movie or, worse, saw it, you would know it was good–white–guys against bad–yes, black/effeminate–guys. No kidding. The film had an almost limitless number of problems, not the least of which was that it was, in no way, based on history–or reality, for that matter. If you want to see it for the abs and hot male bodies, great. The trouble was dismissing the blatant racism, hate, ugliness and sexual discrimination.


  • Psiwire

    Firstly Persians (present day Iranians) do tend to be darker skinned then Greeks. As far as I noticed there was only one really black guy in the movie. Secondly I didn’t find them to be particularly effeminate, except for the fact that Xerxes wore a lot of jewelry. If anything the Persians are portrayed as ‘larger than life’, almost giants. Thirdly if you really look at the movie, the Persians were not made out to be overly evil, they were just the opposing force. The Spartans were the people in the movie that seemed to be committing the more blatant atrocities. If you want historical accuracy you should watch the History Channel, not an action movie. Zack Snyder wasn’t trying to make a historical documentary. He was adapting Frank Miller’s graphic novel of the same name, that – by Miller’s own admission- wasn’t really inspired by the actual events, but by the 60’s movie “The 300 Spartans”. Zack Snyder did perhaps the most accurate (almost shot for panel) adaptation of a graphic novel that I’ve ever seen.


  • Fiona, these are Psiwire. I don’t know how many times I’ve said that but I feel totally that I need to.

    I’m not going to touch on the principles of the movie since Psi already covered that. However on the hot men side, Rodrigo Santoro was definitely underused in this movie in terms of hotness. If he were to keep his gorgeous self minus the jewelry, he probably shot ahead past David Wenham (even Fassbender) in my list.

  • Sparky

    David Weeeeenham. *drools everywhere*

  • Lala

    Thats just wierd!

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  • Complex

    I definitely wouldn’t call this THE shirtless movie. Yeah, they have great bodies.. but they’re all digitally enhanced. I don’t like all that bare skin anyway. I wanna see Butler in his natural furry state. Mm MMm Good!
    But I gotta say.. the sex scene in 300 was Damn Sexy!

  • vanhenry71

    Never saw this movie but from the stills, yea homoerotic it is! I know some of you didn’t finds Mr Butler appealing, but that Scotsman has a voice, and eyes that knock my socks off anytime! Anymore pics of him? he was shirtless in Dracula 2000

  • I can never get enough of ‘300’, I watch it at least twice a month. And it’s brilliant that so many people appreciate the beauty of Michael Fassbender as Stelios.

  • nickie

    iI would like to see pictures of gerard butler from Tomb Raiders and Dracula 2000 very hot especialy in Tomb Raiders

  • wes

    Oh, to be a bar of soap in the showers after the workouts.

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  • Joanna


    You truly are a riot!! I totally love and adore this incredible man for going on twelve years. He has a personality that just oozes sexiness because he is such an adorable Lil’ boy and he is so ruggedly masculin!! You may not care for this Hot Scot, but he is the only movie star to have multiple conventions in his honor and global Birthday Parties as well. Gerry is astounded by his mass appeal as well. But he has a certain something that other stars seem to lack. One thing I love about him is his “HUMAN-NESS”!! for lack of a more impacting verb. But everything he does is awesome to me as has been since 1998, in “Mrs. Brown” as Archie. It’s just me Boss man. I can’t help it!!

    Thank You for having these awesome pics of this incredbly awesome man!!!

  • Joanna

    An adendum: Thank You Psi!!!!! I am so grateful that you got on and said what I was thinking about the movie. IT WAS JUST A MOVIE FOR ENTERTAINMENT!! And kudos for the plug for History Channel. And some of the bodies WERE digitally enhanced, but by the God in heaven, not by much!! Those men worked damn hard for that role and Gerry worked just as hard. He didn’t want the other men to think he wouldnm’t work just as hard as they did. So the digital enhancing was very minor!! You don’t work out that hard without getting fit!! I love all of the men, but especiall Gerry, beard or no beard.
    The man’s range of acting ability is awesome and getting better as he ages.

  • JACK

    Ahhhh…it’s “swords and sandals,” not “sand and sandals.” Get a clue.

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