Brandon Davis

Brandon Davis Shirtless

No, this isn’t the Brandon ‘Greasy Bear’ Davis of ‘Lindsay Lohan is a firecrotch!’ fame, this is an adorable, yet mostly unknown young actor of the same name. There are shirtless pictures of that other Brandon Davis floating around the internet, but I would only suggest sending them to people you don’t really like. This Brandon Davis is smooth and lean (borderline adorkable) with a look that brought to mind Matt Dallas or a younger Lee Pace. Regrettably Brandon’s only done a handful of small TV roles and the lead in the movie I’ve capped here, “Who’s Your Daddy?”. Lets hope he finds more shirtless work soon.

  • KarmaLysing

    He’s not “borderline”. He’s full-on Adorkable. NICE body…

    Speaking of full-on adorkables with nice bodies… Hey, Square, “Leatherheads” is in theatres now.

  • I know right! Although chances are Krasinski will NOT get shirtless in it, I’d still watch Leatherheads regardless for one reason. Krasinski in tights (hopefully jockstraps too, but that’s just wishful thinking)! I’d really love to see more of Brandon Davis, his eyes on that first picture reminds me a lot of my husband (that’s Krasinski for you n00bs).

  • MikeyMikey

    Too hot to handle.

  • MikeyMikey

    Too hot to handle.

  • OhioGuy

    I’d love to know just what’s happening in this scene.
    And yes, the boy is simply adorkable.

  • Psiwire

    Brandon’s fantasizing about being a porn star (hence the long 70s hair in a couple of the pics) and wakes up to find his mom sitting on his bed. She starts wiping his foerhead with his ‘clean-up’ tissues and he jumps out of bed to hide his skin mags. She notices he has a hard-on, but is apparently clueless and thinks it’s some kind of medical condition, so he jumps back in bed. Then his brother (Justin Berfield) comes into the room and starts ragging on him.

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