Fred Savage

Fred Savage Shirtless

Yeah, you read that right. Fred Savage. From “The Wonder Years”. I never thought I’d be making this post either. I know Fred went through a little awkward phase (the 90’s), but he’s actually kind of extremely hot now. I ran across this gem, “The Last Run”, browsing through Netflix’s selection of ‘watch instantly’ movies (aka the stuff that would be in the Walmart 2 for $5 bargain bin) and after seeing the lead actor and the premise I thought I would give it a shot. Just five minutes in I knew it was worth capping. Fred was obviously feeling good about his body because he had it on display in this flick early and often.

I must say though I always feel a little weird and pervy capping grown men I watched when they young. Fred Savage is only six months younger then me, but I always think of him as kid. Which is probably common, otherwise he’d have a better career. Early in the movie, which actually turns kind of dark, Fred displays a sense of humor that sort of reminds me of Shia LaBeouf, so it’s a shame he doesn’t work more. By the way, I only posted some of the pics I was able to cap of Fred shirtless in “The Last Run”, so if you like what you see I suggest you go out and see the movie.

Now I have to wonder whatever happened to Marilyn Manson …I mean Josh Saviano?

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