Fred Savage

Fred Savage Shirtless

Yeah, you read that right. Fred Savage. From “The Wonder Years”. I never thought I’d be making this post either. I know Fred went through a little awkward phase (the 90’s), but he’s actually kind of extremely hot now. I ran across this gem, “The Last Run”, browsing through Netflix’s selection of ‘watch instantly’ movies (aka the stuff that would be in the Walmart 2 for $5 bargain bin) and after seeing the lead actor and the premise I thought I would give it a shot. Just five minutes in I knew it was worth capping. Fred was obviously feeling good about his body because he had it on display in this flick early and often.

I must say though I always feel a little weird and pervy capping grown men I watched when they young. Fred Savage is only six months younger then me, but I always think of him as kid. Which is probably common, otherwise he’d have a better career. Early in the movie, which actually turns kind of dark, Fred displays a sense of humor that sort of reminds me of Shia LaBeouf, so it’s a shame he doesn’t work more. By the way, I only posted some of the pics I was able to cap of Fred shirtless in “The Last Run”, so if you like what you see I suggest you go out and see the movie.

Now I have to wonder whatever happened to Marilyn Manson …I mean Josh Saviano?

  • Josuff

    he’s like a white antonion banderas! soooooo hott! nice catch!



  • sassywench

    Well, he certainly has grown up! Nice and hairy too! Nice nipples as well. A+

  • A+ for me too! That hair on that beef-ish body is pure hotness. And his face, adorable to the Nth degree! Tried to not think of him as Kevin and somehow I managed. Thank goodness!

  • MikeyMikey

    What a seriously beautiful man!! Beautiful maturing body. He’ll be ageless.

  • QCNiceGuy

    I believe his “wonder years” are here right now! Absolutely perfect! Great hairy chest, handsome face…what more does a man want?

  • Jim

    Hot looking dude….I’d like to see what’s in his pants!!!

  • Milton

    Who would have thought, little “Kevin” from “The Wonder Years” would ever be a sex symbol. Turned out to be a hot little package. Nice pouting man-boobs, too!

  • phil

    OMG I MUST be a pedophile…I so wanna see him naked…

  • I want to lick him all over. I mean, ALL over.

  • David

    Nice to see some of the younger actors of our day turn out to be nice adults, not strung out or in rehab. Fred turned into a nice looking guy, sure wouldn’t mind having him as a teddy bear on my bed when I went to sleep. Could cuddle him ALL NIGHT LONG!!!! Nice pit shot too!!

  • Dewey Mee

    Well, Fred from “Wonder Years” (which I NEVER WATCHED) grew up into one SERIOUSLY SEXY MAN!!!!!! Nice hairy chest, nipples, and navel!!! Thanks for Posting!!! I wouldn’t mind more of Fred in my bed!!!!!

  • Patrick

    Wow! He turned out to be a perfect specimen. What beautiful chest hair and those nips and those pit shots. He gets my vote for Mr April Man. Hmmm…there are a couple weeks left though. Thanks Squarehippies, you’ve made my evening!

  • stewe

    He certainly turned out a hottie !!

  • RickG

    Hey, I always know this guy was going to turn out hot. Though sort of dorkey in the WonderYear, he still was cute and playful. I am glad Fred made it through the child actors years and is still thrilling us with his tremendous gifts and yes, super hot body…..

  • MMM

    Holy *^%&*! Now this is my kind of man…. Thanks for posting!

  • jack

    this weirded me out for some reason. i think it’s because i had a childhood friend who looked just like what this guy looked like on the wonder years. it was creepy seeing him grown up and naked :/

  • jcskywave

    NO DOUBT— he’s hot as of now… see his abs right there? He almost got a six-pack, and his muscles are already showing… still, if he wanted to be the ultimately adorable, sensual, bad-boy looking hunk with a cuddly-cute face, he still needs to go on a workout. I would suggest that 🙂

    AS OF NOW: hot. Not bad for starters;)

  • hairy man lover

    Now, he has turned into one hot and hairy man. love that furry chest and want to lick those nipples. Would love to see him naked and how hairy he is.

  • a little edgy

    Yes, he’s very cute, and I love the way his body is well-built in a natural way – not just hairy (which is sweet enough), but also muscular without looking like a pumped-up gymbot.

    Unfortunately, like many actors – and way too many very cute actors – he’s short. I swear there must some kind of link among the cute gene, the acting gene, and the shortness gene because, 9 times out of time, when I see an actor and think he’s hot, he turns out to be barely taller than a dwarf. (Sometimes, he IS a midget, but with Peter Dinklage, at least I knew what I was getting into right from the start. 🙂 )

  • max

    @ Jusuff

    Antonio Banderas, is white. He’s from Spain

  • Dean

    Oh…muh…gaw! You know, if he did a sexy role in some big movie, I can totally see him becoming the next big sex symbol. He looks like he could pass for Steve Gutenberg’s (another hottie) brother or something.

  • Oh you’re totally right Dean. I can see the connection now, Fred Savage is the next Steve Guttenberg! Now to find a good, sexy, shirtless and mainstream role for him.

  • William

    Fred is sooo cute and then there are the Steve Guttenburgs, but I love them both.

  • joe

    como has crecido kevin arnold?, jajajaja. que hermoso es este hombre no?,a pesar de sus años sigue conservando la cara de niño bonito con que nos deleitò desde los años maravillosos

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  • Joe

    I was hoping that his show “Crumbs” would stay on the air b/c I so wanted to see him kiss a guy.

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  • Simplekid

    To the left Winnie he’s mine

  • jad

    Saw him and his wife being interviewed on some show not long ago and she complained that she had trouble having guests over (even the housekeeper) cause he NEVER wears cloths at home.
    He just blushed and said Its his house and that is the way he likes to do things.

  • DoverDavid

    Some one needs to give this man some work, and if he can play the shirtless pool cleaner, all the better.

  • HollisJimbo

    Hotness. He really shed that baby fat and became a man! Yum

    FYI, though, his career isn’t really dead. He directs for tons of sitcoms, including some Disney channel stuff that is currently making that company bagillions of moolah–thank you Wikipedia!

  • Don Peckels

    Fred is as HOT looking as he was when filming The Wonder Years series. His cute and sexy face, his absolutely and unbeiavbly thick and wavy hsit and his body (now with lots of chest hair) — all combined makes me rank Fred as among the top 100 most sexiest men alive!!

  • John

    he turned out very sexy. those nipples need me to suck them

  • joe

    wow Fred Savage has turned into a delicious looking man. The hairy chest is very sexy. Great looking man.

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