Michael Muhney

Michael Muhney Shirtless

Veronica Mars was pretty much the epitome of cult favorites for television. The crazy dedicated fans of it pretty much INVENTED the whole “save this show” campaigning that happens for, seemingly, every show these days. In the case of Veronica Mars, we get everything perfect: a hot cast, amazing stories, great twists, and some hilarious comedy. It was just a case of “in the wrong place at the wrong time:” being on The CW – up against some of TV’s most popular shows. After just three seasons, the show was canceled – on the worst of any possible cliffhangers. But the other good thing that came from the series? The aforementioned cast. This post is dedicated to Michael Muhney, who played the sheriff of Neptune, California. Of all his time on the series, he only had one shirtless scene, but, God, was it HOT. So, now, I present to you the hotness that is Michael Muhney.

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