Eddie Redmayne in Savage Grace

Eddie Redmayne Shirtless

As crazy disturbing as it is, from aesthetics point of view, “Savage Grace” is a beautiful movie. The blue-white Mediterranean background combined with the fiery auburn hotness of Julianne Moore and Eddie Redmayne works perfectly. In all seriousness, that woman is beyond fabulous. The movie has not one, not two, but FOUR pieces of hot mancandy to be drooled at. I’ll have to spoil it for you guys a bit since I can’t keep it to myself. Eddie Redmayne and Hugh Dancy making out equals EXPLOSIVE HOTNESS.

It’s amazing how much skin you get in this film. At first I had planned to do the entire movie in a single post but considering how individually hot the male casts were, I’m going to separate them into their own respective pages. First off, yummy Eddie REDmayne. I’ve posted some stills from the trailer and promo shoot before but to my surprise, there’s a whole lot more of Eddie skin in this to be shared. And thank goodness for him keeping that natural body hair. I don’t care what people say about him having duck lips or bad skin because they just made him even more unconventionally sexier. And I’m not going to elaborate of how much I adore the redness on him but truth be told, Eddie Redmayne is just plain hot. Other delicious casts will follow suit.

Eddie Redmayne Shirtless

Eddie Redmayne Shirtless

Eddie Redmayne Shirtless

Eddie Redmayne Shirtless

Eddie Redmayne Shirtless

  • Psiwire

    Eddie Redmayne has a cute little body and I like the freckles and reddish hair, but he has one of those oddly wide British mouthes, like Mick Jagger or Burn Gorman of “Torchwood”.

  • Andy

    I have seen hot stills from this movie lately, but I’ve read some advance reviews of the film itself and apparently it’s pretty horrendous. So, I’ll just wait until the DVD so I can drool over these guys in the privacy of my own home 🙂

  • deej

    Eddy Redmayne is so freakin’ sexy that I will see this movie no matter how bad it (might) be…but how bad could it be? Let’s face it…hot eye candy can make up for quite a large deficit in quality…well…most of the time. In this case…I will sacrifice if necessary.

  • Totally agreed, deej. There’s no way I could’ve ditched a lousy movie with hot boys in it.

  • blukutuk

    Eddie Redmayne has that sexy androgynous quality with a lean body.. But hands down to Hugh Dancy.. I don’t care ’bout Jude Law or Daniel Craig, Hugh Dancy is the best British Import….

  • felix quinn

    OMFG!! Unax Ugalde looks SoooOOOOOooooo HOT in this!!!!!
    (he is the guy in the first set of pics, one of the hottest/greatest spanish actors today… Hot! HOT! HOOOOT!)

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  • cj

    is eddie redmayne gay?? just plays those kinda characters??? does he smoke????

  • debra


  • steven

    the movie was absolutely one of the best I have seen, and I have always loved Bakelite stuff

  • chip

    I just rented the movie — Blockbuster claims it’s their ‘exclusive’. I was mesmerized by the film. The story is alleged to be based on an actual family history and it’s fascinating. Eddie Redmayne, however, kept my eyes glued to the screen. He’s beautiful in a strangely odd way and fulfills every single fantasy in my mind about the perfect androgynous guy.

  • tony(NYC)

    I have this “thing” for freckles on a guy!…love them especial on their shoulders when you have them on their STOMACH!!…I did a google cause he’s on Broadway with Alfred Molina in a new play “RED”..so I may get a ticket UP FRONT!


  • paula

    eddie redmayne fuck me now.

  • wow, The Pillars of the Earth

    Oh god, he’s SOOOOOOO HOT

  • barry keeler

    I’ve read the blogs about Eddie and his ‘gf’ – but having been inside his ginger hole on numerous times, I can tell you that this sweet Brit’s freckled ass and uncut cock are, like every inch of him, as gay as a Christmas party – thankfully! 😉

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