Adam Brody

Adam Brody Shirtless

I was originally going to group Adam Brody in with the adorkable guys, but after a closer examination of his lean torso, I think he has to be labeled as just plain hot. While he’s not as muscular as co-star Benjamin McKenzie, the dark curly hair and creamy skin make him even more desirable. Add in his talent and clearly nerdish tendencies and it makes him an irresistible package. While these caps are all from “The O.C.”, I’ll also recommend that you check out Adam in “In The Land Of Women”.

Adam Brody Shirtless

  • sassywench

    Very cute! The little fuzzy patch on his chest is cute too! I bet by the time he is 35 or 36 he is going to be very handsome.

  • deej

    I never watched “The OC” but know about it, and have seen snippets only, so I can’t judge other than by appearances. As far as I’m concerned Adam Brody has it all over that McKenzie guy. The only moments I ever saw from the show all involved McKenzie and he was never, ever smiling…I took an immediate dislike to him. These photos of Adam somehow have endeared me to him…don’t know why. I love that you keep introducing me to people I don’t know. I think that’s one of the things I really like best about your blod…I get to tune into guys that I know nothing about…I don’t watch much TV, and usually see movies through Netfilx.

  • shadowuser

    Chicks dig the jewfro! 🙂

  • jay

    Ah, the OC. The first half of season 1 was as close to perfect as television can get outside of good cable. The middle of Season 2 and the last half of season 4 were also excellent. there was no season 3. that never happened.

  • I would do him anytime!

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  • me

    hottest jew ever!
    i have a thing for jewish guys and this type in particular
    the second hottest jewish guy has to be joel stein of time magazine
    he actually looks a lot like adam brody

  • Melissa

    Though the first photos are not his best, who can deny thie man’s charm and charisma??? It’s sky rocketing….LOOOOOVEEE HIIIIM..

  • max

    id do him too,for sure!

  • Lala

    I think he needs a bit more muscle…

  • heartgirlie

    He need more mucle!

  • pixiechick

    Work out puney arms!

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  • bensohot

    id rather hit ben harder than him though..
    go ben mckenzie!! your so hot!!

  • Mer23

    Hmm I always thought he was cute but I think these pics are sexy! I like the ones of his back, as well as in the pool. YUM

  • Richard

    He has a nice broad-shouldered frame, but needs to spend some time at the gym building up the muscle definition. I’ll check back in a few years when his muscles and chest hair have had time to mature.

  • dee

    he’s hot but hottest Jew ever would be Logan lerman,,, 100% Jew

  • dee

    he’s hot but hottest Jew ever would be Logan lerman,,, 100% Jew

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