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More Benjamin McKenzie Shirtless

By (long ago) request, more Benjamin McKenzie skin. He’s cute and buff but somehow always managed to be one-upped in the hottness department by his “O.C.” co-stars. He doesn’t have the classic good looks of Chris Carmack, the adorable charm of Adam Brody or the outstanding lean physique of Cam Gigandet. But he does have something doesn’t he? If nothing else he looks really good in a wife-beater.

And is it just me or does he need to share a Separated At Birth post with Russell Crowe?

Benjamin McKenzie Shirtless

  • QCNiceGuy

    Nice. Looks like there is a hint of fur on those abdominals!

  • Rick

    Love the hairless nips and the abd fuzz. A definite turn on!!!!!!!!!

  • sassywench

    I always thought he looked like Russel Crowe. Nice hair on the abs. I wonder if he shaved his chest down to there….to have the look of someone the age he was playing. Cute!

  • sassywench

    One more thing about Benjamin….I’d like to see him worked over with a whip!

  • If I had to choose between Adam Brody, Chris Carmack, Cam Gigandet and Ben McKenzie, I would definitely pick Ben because he got what others don’t. Not sure what it is but he sure makes me drool every time. Might be the abs fuzz, lovely eyes or the teenie pink nips… he just got “it”!

  • jay

    I’m with Square. Personally I find Carmack *too* handsome, you know what I mean?

  • Autechre

    I’ve always thought his nose was the cutest thing.

  • Psiwire

    Too handsome? Is that even possible? That’s kind of like saying someone’s too well endowed.

  • dcluver04

    OMG I love him, so effing much.

  • KarmaLysing

    Psi – Interestingly enough, my first thought, way back when I saw those initial print ads for the original iteration of “The O.C.”, was, “Wow, it’s Russell Crowe’s love child!!!”, followed by, “Wow, he’s a lot hotter than the one they’re promoting as the stud-muffin…”.

  • Melissa

    Somone like Carmack is like a spice-less dish; on the other hand, we have this amazingly gorgeous and sexy man that says SEX to me. It’s about looks for sure, BUT, without PERSONALITY it just doesn’t work. I LOVE Ben. I can’t wait to see him again on the big screen. He is SEXY as hell….

  • max

    omg,hes sexy. he is my fav OC boy. i love Adam too,but he aint got much on Ben

  • nikki

    he is SO sexy, i really want to meet him and make out with him, and hug him until he or i die

  • Reeseriver

    who is that little muffin?

  • bensohot

    he is so freakin hot.
    i just wanna .. him so hard.
    omg! i love you!

  • Nikolas

    He was the reason I watched the OC at all.
    Hottie mchot. He also has personality just reeking out of his pores.

  • nik

    his armpits look delicious

  • Reese

    I very much agree with you. He’s adorable and handsome in a young man sort of way. This guy is not a beautiful boy, but he’s a good looking man. Yes, there is a resemblance to both Shia and to Russell. Perhaps they can all be in an film playing as part of a family of shirtless men.

  • Mer23

    Ben McKenzie is hottt, always really liked Adam better tho (curly hair LUV) they are both HOT with their shirts off. These two just need to make out already~!


    i dont really get the adam brody thing…but ben mckenziEEE! he is so cute. i could marry that boy. the fact that he is overlooked just makes him even more adorable for some reason. hes amazing!

  • Guidettehater

    Not with those skinny legs. Nothing uglier than a man with a nice upper body, but stick legs and a flat butt

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